A chat with Annaliese Dayes from Britain's Next Top Model

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We caught up with Britain’s Next Top Model star, Annaliese Dayes, to talk about her 2015 and how TV stardom transformed her life.


Hey Annaliese! So how was your 2015?

I can't believe that 2015 went by so quickly! It was a great year for me.

The start of 2015 was all about the Rallye Aicha Des Gazelles, an all female 4x4 motor rally in the Sahara Desert. Myself and another model friend of mine singlehandedly raised the entry fee to be part of this unique race to celebrate its 25th year.

It was a challenge indeed, camping, navigating and driving through the desert terrain. But completing the rally has made me feel like I can do anything I put my mind to, so the rest of the year has been about finding challenges and new experiences, hence why I moved to Cape Town for 3 months to see what the South African modelling industry has to offer me.

What are you up to right now and what are you looking forward to in the future?

I've just moved back to London from Cape Town. I went to South Africa for a few reasons. The weather was definitely a big draw, but since I am focusing on my modelling for the moment, I thought it would be the best place to be. Most of the big adverts I have booked in the UK have been for the South African market, so I thought I'd come directly to the source. It was a fantastic trip and I learnt so much!


How do you feel Britain’s Next Top Model has made an impact on your life?

Both Britain and America’s Next Top Model have had a major impact on my life. I think that being part of such a well-known franchise gave me the confidence to continue modelling and it’s also given me the chance to be a role model to young women.

It's strange because although both shows were a few years ago, I still find myself being asked about them all the time. And it's great because it shows that people are still interested and reminds me of the journey I have made.

Do you have any tips for aspiring models and presenters who’d like to pursue a career similar to yours?

My main tip for aspiring models and presenters would be to never take no for an answer. Plenty of people have told me no in my career, but I wouldn't have made it to where I have today if I’d listened to them! So it's all about moving positively in the direction of your dreams. Oh and just getting out there and doing it. Pose up a storm where possible and record yourself talking to camera whenever you can.

You have a YouTube channel – what’s your favourite kind of video to make?

My favourite vids to make have got to be the fashion led ones. Although I would like to think I have my own unique style, I really do enjoy recreating celebrity looks. Changing your look for the day can really change how you behave and act and sometimes that can be fun to play with.


When you’re not working, what’s your favourite thing to do to relax?

I'm a former gymnast and although it may not sound relaxing to everyone, I absolutely love bouncing on trampolines! It's like it brings out the big kid in me – it's absolutely impossible to bounce on a trampoline without a massive smile on your face! It’s the perfect way to relax, as far as I am concerned.

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And of course, what are some of your favourite magazines?

I love nothing more than curling up with a magazine. I'd have to say that my favs would be Look, Grazia and if I’m feeling fancy I love a flick through British Vogue.

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