Coast magazine review

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Lifestyle blogger Clare from Maybush Studio shares her thoughts on Coast magazine — the only mag exclusively covering the UK’s coastline.


This summer hasn't turned out to be quite the beach summer that I’d hoped for, so it's been nice that whilst we've been confined to the indoors by the rain and wind I've been able to get my fix of the British seaside from my subscription to Coast magazine.

Coast magazine has been running for more than a decade and I've been avidly reading it for at least half of that time.

Even though I am lucky enough to live close to the water I still love the escapism of reading the property sections in the magazine. They always have a good round of homes to buy by the sea from the tantalising affordable (a houseboat in the Isle Of Wight) to the kinds of places you'd need a lottery win to buy (hello Sandbanks!) They also usually have an in depth feature on some lucky soul who has bought a beautiful coastal home and transformed it with impeccable interior décor.


But it's not all about the houses. Coast magazine covers pretty much anything related to seaside life including fashion, craft, food and sport. It's a nice way to find out about coastal life too, as they often feature entrepreneurs and small business owners in their Coast Characters interview, some of whom have given up their busy city lives to do something suitably idyllic like making fudge or running a seaside café. A couple of years ago the man who runs the small foot ferry near us in Chichester harbour was one of their subjects, which was a nice surprise.

I'm also a big fan of Coast magazine's photography. The first article you encounter as you open the magazine is a big double page photograph with a story about something that's been happening by the sea. In fact it's a bit of a long-held ambition of mind to get one of my own images published in the magazine.


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