Cocktails, cook books and Jamie magazine

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What’s better than having an ever growing collection of cook books? Why, a subscription to Jamie magazine of course! Elinor, from Beach Hut Cook, describes why it’s the perfect accompaniment to her burgeoning cook book collection.

Jamie Oliver magazine cook books

I have over 350 cookery books - I am not going to lie but I am somewhat of a cookery book addict.  Every birthday, Christmas or Mothers Day my family buys me a cookery book.  I can never get enough.  So when I got the opportunity to receive a year’s subscription of the Jamie magazine, I was beyond happy.

Cookbooks for me are not just a list of ingredients and a method.  They are more than that.  They capture a moment, an inner warmth suggesting that something wonderful will be created and everyone will be happy and sated.  Jamie magazine captures that moment and provides a vast array of recipes, like a cookery book in its own right.  The beauty of it being a magazine is that the recipes are seasonal and relevant.  You can head out to the shops straightaway and buy what you need and get on with cooking it.

Jamie Oliver magazine cocktail inspiration

I know a lot of work goes into producing the Jamie magazine as I follow a lot of the stylists, photographers and editors on Instagram.  Another one of my addictions.  I am an Instagram addict.  I see professionals catalogue and document their work on Instagram so I feel that I know them, I feel as if I understand the enormity of their craft which shines through in this magazine.

Jamie Oliver magazine cocktails on beach

I loved the cocktail section in one of the recent editions, which focused on a well-loved old favourite, Vermouth, which is having somewhat of a resurgence at the moment. As a frequent cocktail maker myself at our beach hut, I can vouch that these recipes are good.  Very good. Who wouldn’t want to a Classic Wet Martini for friends coming round for pre-dinner drinks or fabulously simple Martini and Tonic which makes the perfect end to a beach hut day?

Should you want to treat the cookbook addict in your life or even yourself to a subscription, make sure that you check out the great deals has for Jamie magazine.