Last minute DIY gift idea from Crafts Beautiful magazine

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If you’re looking for a last minute gift idea, Stevie from A Cornish Mum has taken inspiration from a recent issue of Crafts Beautiful magazine and created a tutorial for a simple money or gift voucher wallet.

money wallet crafts beautiful magazine

Christmas is most definitely on its way, there’s no denying it now! November’s Crafts Beautiful magazine was full of beautiful Christmas craft ideas and inspiration. From Christmas cards to gingerbread Christmas jumpers it had all sorts of idea in.

This was the inspiration for deciding to make my own money wallets for Christmas this year. I usually buy several every year for our various nephews and nieces, but the ones I can find in the shops seem to be for young children. A lot of our nieces and nephews are growing up quickly, and I wanted something a little more grown-up for them, and more personal.

Here’s what I used to make one of my money wallets that I made;

  • Envelope – preferably long enough to fit a bank note without folding it, or a small one for coins
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Coloured or metallic paper sheets – I used large coloured envelopes that I already had
  • Stencil – mine came from the Crafts Beautiful magazine, but you could also do it free hand or with a different stencil
  • Pens – gold and silver are perfect for the seasonal touch

how to make a money wallet crafts beautiful

The money wallets were so easy to make, the first step was to cut some shapes of my choice out from the two coloured envelopes I was using, the metallic envelope was perfect for this.

Like mine, your shapes may be a little wonky, but personally I just think it gives it the personal touch. However if you are more of a perfectionist, then add a ruler to the list of items needed to make a money wallet like mine.

money wallet gold stencil crafts beautifull magazine

I then stuck the shapes on to the envelope I was using as the wallet for the money. The fiddly part then is when you add your text to your money envelope, luckily the stencil from Crafts Beautiful really helped me here, and I think it turned out pretty well!

You can use any colour envelopes, paper and pens that you like for a really personalised way to package a gift of money, which doesn’t usually feel all that personal – although always well received in my experience!

Here’s how mine looked.

money wallet crafts beautiful magazine

Good luck making your own ones!

If you choose to make your own money wallet like Stevie, we recommend that you fill it with one of our gift cards, so your recipient can choose their own subscription. And if you’re looking for further craft inspiration, then why not treat yourself while you’re at it – with a subscription to Crafts Beautiful magazine!