Winter beauty recommendations from Red magazine

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If you’re looking for winter beauty inspiration, then make sure that you not only check out the fashion and beauty magazines, but also lifestyle magazines such as Red. blogger network member Laura, from Beauty Best Friend, shares her winter beauty recommendations, inspired by a recent issue of Red.

Red Magazine - The New Sexy

I recently subscribed to - it's ages since I last had a magazine subscription and I'm really enjoying putting my feet up each month with a cup of tea to see what it has to offer.

The December 2015 issue arrived on my doormat, full of Christmassy articles and gift guides. There was an in-depth interview with Nigella Lawson plus some of her new recipes, backstage photos and gossip from Red's 'Women of the Year' awards, and lots of the latest style news, travel recommendations and book releases.

But being a beauty blogger, the section that excited me most was the 28 page beauty section, full of the new winter product launches, special offers and party make-up. I was particularly interested in 'The New Sexy' feature, a lookbook of what make-up will be hot for winter parties this year, and it got me thinking about what products I would use to recreate these looks.

Red Magazine - Pink Lipstick Feature

The first photo suggests that red lips are out and pink lips are in, and make-up artist Mary Greenwell suggests that a warm candy pink shade should work on everyone! This really pleased me as I always feel too self-conscious wearing crimson lips and pink is my go-to shade. Below are three of my favourite pink lipsticks - from left to right Max Factor Lipfinity in Evermore Lush, MAC in Angel, Clarins Joli Rouge in Petal Pink.

Red Magazine - Pink Lipsticks

The Max Factor lipstick is probably the sort of colour this feature has in mind, it's a mid raspberry pink perfect for parties and has a matt finish - plus it lasts for hours! Or if you want something a bit more sugary and brighter then the MAC product is for you, plus it has a gentle frost finish. Personally the Clarins lipstick is my favourite, it's much sheerer than the other two and looks great set off with a smokey eye.

Red Magazine - Pink Lipstick Swatches

The swatch image above shows off the shades to their full advantage - from left to right Max Factor Lipfinity in Evermore Lush, MAC in Angel, Clarins Joli Rouge in Petal Pink.

Red Magazine - Gold Eyeshadow Feature

The second photo suggests that gold eyeshadow is the next big thing for eyes, and it should be worn without mascara to give a minimal and understated look. Personally I wouldn't feel confident without mascara - it's my favourite beauty product - but I love the idea of a shimmery gold eye and I've been digging out my favourite gold shadows for the party season.

Red Magazine - Gold Eyeshadows

The first is Collection Work The Colour Solo Eyeshadow in Rosy Gold, a subtle shimmery rose gold shade that's perfect if you want a subtle look. Next up we have The Body Shop Eye Palette in Grooving Gold, this is a brand new palette for Winter 2015 and shade 4 (bottom right) is perfect for this golden eye look. Finally, budget MUA Eyeshadow Palette in Undressed has a great selection of shadows for next to nothing - I've chosen Shade 6 (top right) which is more of a bronze than a gold but I still think it'll be great for Winter as it has a stunning metallic finish.

Red Magazine - Gold Eyeshadow Swatches

The swatch image above shows how the three gold shadows look on the skin - from left to right Collection Work The Colour Solo Eyeshadow in Rosy Gold, The Body Shop Eye Palette in Grooving Gold in Shade 4, MUA Eyeshadow Palette in Undressed in Shade 6.

So what do you think? Will you be following these make-up trends for parties this winter? Or do you have your own predictions as to what will be hot?

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