These are the UK's weirdest subscription services

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These are the weirdest subscription services that you have probably never heard of.


Here at we love a good subscription! It’s a convenient way of saving money on the things you love and use all the time.

You might be surprised by the weird and wonderful things you can get delivered monthly to your door – the web caters for every taste! We had a good dig around to find our favourites.

And yes, they’re all available in the UK! So let’s see if any take your fancy.

A nice bit of zebra


The average British carnivore is pretty closed minded about meat, not straying far from the four staples – chicken, lamb, pork and beef. There are so many more options out there to choose from, and Rachel and Jeanette from want us trying more.

Originally specialising in Ostrich meat way back in the nineties, the pair now offer a whole range of exotic meats delivered directly to your door. As well as lesser known native British meats like game and wild boar, they also offer more curious cuts, such as crocodile, kangaroo and zebra.

Pants by post


Did you know that 60% of heterosexual women are unimpressed by the state of their partner’s underpants? That’s according to, the UK’s premium underwear subscription service for men.

Another alarming stat: British men apparently hold onto their pants for an average of seven years! If this sounds like you, then maybe it’s time to step up your pants games!

You tell Briefd your style, cut and size, then they handpick the comfiest, most fashionable mens' underwear and send them out to you every month. Simple as that.

Cheese posties


Food subscriptions aren’t exactly big news, but of all the ones we’ve seen down the years, this has got to brie our favourite! (great name) send you all the components you need for a scrumptious, gourmet, grilled cheese sandwich every week. All you have to do is put the bits together and toast in the handy toaster bag provided.

These aren’t just any toasties. Each week brings a brand new recipe, featuring hearty artisanal breads, award-winning cheeses and condiments, plus some rather interesting extra ingredients. You’ll be standing by the door waiting for the postman to arrive!

For the tea towel champion


Let’s face it, most of us keep pretty grotty tea towels. They get covered in kitchen grease and old food, get put through the wash a hundred times and end up as horribly discoloured old rags.

With a tea towel subscription from you can get a bundle of three beautifully designed, handmade tea towels sent out to you every three months.

Jangneus take their design inspiration from the Swedish school of thought, which combines form and function. All of their tea towels provide practical functionality with a signature, fresh, Scandinavian style.

A purrculiar package


We all know cats are fickle creatures. That favourite toy which one day sends them leaping around the room with joy can the next be so uninteresting it may as well not exist.

What better way to keep your cat constantly entertained than by getting a brand new set of shiny playthings delivered straight to your door every month?

Just tell a bit about your cat and they’ll curate a personalised box featuring a selection of tasty treats, handmade toys, novel new products and high-quality catnip.

Get your geek on!


Are you the kind of guy or gal who can’t wait for next Halloween to go dressed as your favourite anime character? Have you ever whispered a spell from Harry Potter just to make absolutely sure you’re not a wizard? Then the box is probably for you!

Three box types are on offer. The comic box features a mix of retro and modern comics and graphic novels. The candy box features a weird and wonderful selection of sweets from the UK and beyond. Finally, the mystery box is exactly that – pot luck loot including a t-shirt and various hand-picked prizes.

Someone else's face cream...


Beauty box subscriptions are a pretty popular way of trying out different kinds of makeup and beauty products to find your perfect match. But what to do when a box arrives and you simply don’t get on with any of the products?

Here’s where Beauty Box Swaps comes in – a beauty recycling community where you can swap your unused and lightly used cosmetics products with other members. Simply join the Facebook group, post what you’ve got to swap, what you’re looking to swap for, and see if anyone’s interested.

Weird idea. But we like it!

The paranoid party pack


There are some people (Americans) who believe that armageddon could be just around the corner. Will you be prepared to fight for your lives when the day of judgement arrives?

If the answer’s no, you might want to consider a monthly subscription to a survival box from Each box features 5-8 survival items handpicked by expert “preppers”, along with detailed guides on how to use them.

To make sure you’re prepared for anything, each month is themed to a different kind of disaster – from urban riots to flash floods and nuclear winter.


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