Easy eyeliner with the help of Elle magazine

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So many of us seem to struggle with perfecting eyeliner! Busy mum of three and blogger network member Hayley, from Hayley From Home takes eyeliner inspiration from a recent copy of Elle magazine.

Elle magazine eyeliner feature

Since the arrival of Elle magazine through my door I've been taking a few minutes each night to flick through the pages. Magazines are such a great source of inspiration; Elle is perfect for me as it covers a little bit of everything: some style and beauty with fantastic interviews and little snippets on books and travel.

One thing I was pleased to see in this month issue was their eyeliner guide. It was the first thing I spotted on the front cover: 'Easy Eyeliner - Get It Right Every Time'. Quite a bold claim, especially when it comes to someone like me; a busy mum of three with limited time to get ready. Still, I thought I'd give it a go and see if I could finally master eyeliner. I don't wear much make up day-to-day, usually a light base or BB cream and mascara but sometimes you want something different. I see other people's fantastically lined eyes and I want to grab them and ask, 'How did you do that!?' It is something I have tried many a time but I've never been quite happy with the finished result.

Hayley from Home Eyeliner Elle

Looking though the different styles in the magazine - Smoky and Smudged, Double Lines, Under Eyeliner Only - I realised that I need something slightly more subtle than the beautiful girls in Elle. However, reading the tips I got a good idea of how to achieve a style to suit me. Elle have recommended several eveliners alongside each look - these range from the very reasonable Rimmel London Scandaleyes Jumbo Eyeliner for £5.99 right up to luxury brands such as Laura Mercier Kajal D'Orient Eyeliner for £22. Everyone could find something to suit their style and budget and it has given me a good idea of what to look for next time I am make-up shopping. Rifling through my make up bags I discovered I already have quite an array of eyeliners and choosing my trusty L'Oréal Superliner I set to work. I was aiming for something in between Thin Line, Thick Lash and Winged Eyeliner.

 Elle Eyeliner Hayley from Home

I was pleasantly surprised with the finished look; it was a little wobbly going on but I could perfect it. It didn't take me very long at all and I would happily sacrifice a few extra moments in the morning to make an effort with my eyeliner. As I was putting it on I thought it was going to look very bold but it is definitely natural enough for the school run. The best tip in the Elle guide was to draw short dashes along your lash line first and then join them up, which should make it easier for those of you like me lacking in a steady hand. It makes me feel confident that I could achieve a more dramatic look for a night out - the 1960s Mod is super cute but for now this simple eyeliner is enough for me. Thank you Elle for letting me in on the secrets of eyeliner!

Elle magazine is the world’s largest fashion magazine for a reason – it’s not only packed full of the most up-to-date fashion news, trends and inspiration, but also features on beauty and health. Why not treat yourself or the fashionista in your life with a subscription to Elle magazine from magazine.co.uk today?!

2 thoughts on “Easy eyeliner with the help of Elle magazine”

  • Kerry Villers

    I love Elle magazine. I was cosy on the sofa with my copy last night. You're looking gorgeous Hayley! The eyeliner suits you xxx

    • Hayley Smith

      Thanks Kerry! Elle is such a great read for a little bit of everything isn't it?! I love to switch off with a magazine xx


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