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Parenting can be hard at times, but also incredibly rewarding. Blogger network member Trusha, inspired by an article in Grazia magazine, shares her love of being a Mum.

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I have always been completely obsessed with babies and love children. Before actually becoming a mum myself though, I did wonder if I would get bored just doing baby stuff all day but I didn’t find it boring at all. Although Samantha Wood’s article in Grazia (‘Being a parent is brilliant but boy, is it boring’) made me chuckle I have to say I found the experience quite different. I’m not here to fight back but just sharing my side of the story.

I was in between jobs when I found out I was pregnant and although I still continued with my job search for the first couple of months I soon realised it was pointless as nobody was going to employ someone for them just to go on maternity leave. So I was actually off work for my entire pregnancy as well! Being me, I took on the task of baby planning as I did with wedding planning. There were to-do lists, shopping lists, yoga classes and a whole lot of parenting and birthing books. I had to know exactly what could, would and might happen. For the first time in my adult life I was actually having breakfast, lunch and dinner with healthy snacks in between so preparing these meals took up a lot of time too. I also enjoyed nesting and preparing the baby’s room, which had a strict colour theme of course as did the neutral grey and white striped wardrobe.

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Completely skipping the labour story (36 hours no one wants to hear about!) once my little bundle had arrived I was smitten. Feeding every three hours, washing tiny clothes, welcoming visitors (with my make-up on) and reading up on what to expect, my time was taken up. The first few weeks are still a bit of a daze but I know I was not bored, I barely had time to think about if I was bored or not. Once I was able to drive, I would be out and about doing baby yoga classes, Gymboree and lunches with friends who also had babies (not that we actually got a moment to talk!) Getting out of the house for a 45 minute class was an event in itself, making sure I had enough spare sets of clothes for her and myself, which I learnt the hard way, as well as enough bottles and of course bunny! Then just as we’re about to leave she’d need a nappy change and then again once we had reached our destination. I am now an expert on the baby changing facilities for every shopping centre within the M25.

One thing I did find boring though was meeting other mums and only talking about baby things, sharing labour stories and weaning I mean how many times can you have the same conversation? It’s not to say my life was boring before so having a baby made it more interesting, not at all. I was a fashion buyer so every day was new and my life was fast paced. I sometimes do look back and think how did I actually fill my days when she was a baby? I think moving house when Baby A was 4 months took up a lot of time, packing baby stuff is no joke and weaning? I feel like I spent all day in the kitchen! Blending, mashing and cleaning.

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So in conclusion, yes being a mummy is very different to working in fashion but I am yet to be bored. Having a little girl meant that I could use my styling skills and play baby dress up and for the record…she was not allowed to watch TV until she was 18 months and even then it was and still is after 5pm for an hour.

Whether you enjoyed your maternity leave or got bored, don’t feel guilty but know that they don’t stay babies for long at all.

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