Gluten free hot chocolate from Eating and Living Gluten Free

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If you have an allergy to or an intolerance of gluten, you’ll find Christmas can be a tricky time. blogger network member Wendy, from Bumpkin Broke, shares an idea for a  delicious gluten free Christmas hot chocolate, inspired by a recent issue of Eating and Living Gluten Free magazine.

gluten free hot chocolate recipe

I was intrigued to read Eating and Living Gluten Free, being someone who has suffered from several dietary complaints in the space of a short few months. Recently I was tested for gluten intolerance via a blood test but the results came back negative. That hasn't stopped me from trying to eat clean though.

This issue of Eating and Living Gluten Free has everything you need to make the perfect Christmas dinner without the stress. It can be really hard this time of year for people with food intolerances, it can be a headache finding all the right ingredients and even worse if you have to dine somewhere else.

gluten free christmas hot chocolate

I'll be starting my Christmas morning with a homemade hot chocolate, from a recipe plucked out from the ‘Ask the Experts’ section which I altered slightly. For some time I was finding drinking chocolate made me very sick so had to avoid it altogether, which is no mean feat for a chocoholic! It wasn't the chocolate itself, but the hidden ingredients which are all too often overlooked. Gluten can sometimes be hiding in chocolate powder, as well as milk and added sugars.

Instead of chocolate powder you can make your own by simply breaking up a bar of dark chocolate or buy Cacao (found in most natural food stores). No need to measure out the ingredients, just fill your cup with milk (or an alternative such as coconut milk) and pour into a sauce pan. Add the homemade chocolate (as much or little as you like) and simmer. Taste before bringing to boil and add more chocolate as required. Stir in a couple of drops of vanilla essence and add your preferred spices - I do love cinnamon in my hot drinks. And hey presto - a personalised hot chocolate drink!

This issue of the magazine even came with a beautifully photographed 2016 Calendar complete with recipes to try out each month. I'll be making February's pancake recipe daily throughout the year, because why not?!

gluten free christmas tips

I especially liked the ‘Best Buys’ and ‘Stockists’ features, because trying to find quality gluten free products can sometimes be overwhelming. Up until now the only place I shopped for gluten free products was Tesco. I was surprised to find such a variety of companies throughout this issue, from Mini Moos and John Lewis to Hotel Chocolat and Genius.

If you’re looking for gluten free recipes and tips, then a subscription to Eating and Living Gluten Free magazine will provide no end to this! Make sure that you subscribe via to save on the cover price today!