Edible UK - The New Foodie Magazine You Can Eat!

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Edible UK is a brand new consumer publication all about the best in food. From creative, nutritious and healthy recipes to the best in kitchenware and eating out. The best thing is that Edible UK is printed on rice paper - meaning when you’re done reading it you can enjoy it as a light bite.

Edible UK is the brainchild of Will Read, an ex-chef and University of Plymouth Food Science graduate from St. Austell who has spent the last 2 years securing funding and making his literary snack a reality.

“In 2014 I had just got out of my job as a head chef and had some time to kill and was looking for a new challenge. I realised there was nothing in the modern magazine market to truly engage with and satisfy people’s appetite for food. I’m a Coeliac so I’m always careful with my diet and looking to expand my options. During a holiday in Vietnam I saw rice paper being used as a spring-roll wrapper and - boom! - that was my Eureka moment and the idea for Edible UK was born.” explained Will.

The new monthly will be distributed exclusively by magazine.co.uk and subscriptions will be available very soon.

Edible UK is packed with seasonal recipes, ideas for sourcing the best produce and advice on eating out. There are also gluten-free, dairy-free, carb-free, dairy-free and other recipes for those with specific dietary requirements. It will also appeal to ecologically-minded readers as it is entirely recyclable, so leaving a small carbon footprint.

Will has big plans for the future, with special issues planned including a multivitamin issue, trace mineral-infused issue, spirulina special as well as an issue printed on hemp paper. The magazine.co.uk team are delighted to be working closely with Will on his new venture and wish him the best of luck for the future.

Please tweet @magazinecouk for more details on Edible UK subscriptions.

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