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Parenting blogger Rachel from The Ordinary Lovely gushes over Grazia magazine and how the renowned fashion mag could influence future stylists.


I’ve been reading Grazia for over ten years now. Basically, since it launched back in 2005. And while at 38 I’m probably ever so slightly older than its target demographic, (my wardrobe will never see a crop top ever again), I still adore it. I love the news, the features, the fashion, the beauty tips, the interiors inspiration, the recipes... everything, really. Apart from the horoscopes. Horoscopes I can live without.

I actually had it sent over every week when we lived in Switzerland and it became a weekly ritual. Sitting down with a cup of tea and flicking through the pages, reading about the latest goings on in Sienna Miller’s glamorous life, wondering what on earth Rita Ora was wearing, and pondering over Brad and Ange’s relationship. Nobody does good gossip like Grazia!

I also loved maintaining that connection with the UK. Following the fashions that were often too quirky for the Swiss to embrace, sniggering at the latest ‘Chart of Lust’, which is quite possibly the funniest page of the entire magazine, and checking out the street style and wondering whether I own a single outfit worthy of gracing those hallowed pages (the answer is a resounding ‘no’).

But while I might not be fashion-forward enough to make the cut, my hopes lie with my four-year-old, budding fashion designer son, who can’t get enough of the weekly ‘Style Hunter’ feature and is determined to be the first boy featured. He’s even started putting together his own ‘looks’ and crafting a male version of the magazine.

He has some way to go to refine his content ready to present it to Bauer Media (being able to write coherently would certainly be an advantage) but I think he’s captured this season’s trends to a T: an oversized, black ensemble with minimal styling, and multicolored 60s shift dress with the model sporting an Alexa Chung-style wavy lob. Not a bad effort, right?!

So thank you, Grazia. Thank you for keeping me sane when living in the land of chocolate and Roger Federer, and thank you for inspiring my son to make an early start on pursuing a career in fashion. Our days would be a lot less entertaining, and a lot less colourful, without you.

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