Best beauty vloggers | UK 2015

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Vloggers are an emerging breed of self-made web stars. Starting from nothing and earning popularity through sheer creativity and likeability, they encompass everything that’s good about the net.

Vloggers cover all kinds of topics, from video games to poetry. But one niche seems to lend itself especially to the medium: beauty. YouTube is now full of girls and guys sharing their hair, makeup and fashion tips, giving detailed demos to those looking for style sense inspo.

We’ve all heard of vloggers like Zoe Sugg, who has amassed millions of followers for her beauty vlog, Zoella. She’s great, but there’s so much more on offer! So here’s our list of the best beauty vloggers the UK has to offer, that you might not have hard of.

Our best beauty vloggers


Kiera Rose

Far from your basic, Kiera describes herself as an “English tattooed lady and rat mumma”. She’s also a small business owner, herbivore, cruelty-free activist, occasional model, science geek, mental health advocate and secular humanist.

Her most popular videos include the above debunking of bisexual myths, as well as tips on how to dye your own hair and various videos on tattoo culture.

Kiera is quirky, fun and very likeable, making her channel a really easy channel to watch. These qualities are also really reassuring when she tackles serious topics like living with anxiety and dermatillomania.

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Jessica Ingle started her vlog way back in 2010 as a place to upload her video art projects and clips of her playing in her band. From there, Jingleheartart has evolved into an eclectic video diary of Jess’ whirlwind life.

With a degree in Visual Arts, Jessica is a creative force to be reckoned with. Describing herself as “Video Artist. Vlogger. Model. Musician. New Mama. Make-up Junkie.” Jess vlogs on all kinds of subjects, from the realities of pregnancy to tips on how to recreate her signature grunge look.

Her main aim is to challenge her viewers and provoke a reaction, which she manages by being brutally honest, bearing her whole life for all to see. It’s a courageous and endearing approach that’s gained her thousands of loyal followers.

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Wayne Goss

Wayne is a bona fide professional makeup artist, sharing his expert tips through slick, well-produced videos. His channel is so popular he’s even launched his own make-up brush on the back of its success.

Wayne’s speciality is providing insider tips on how the top stars achieve their looks. His most popular video shows you how to highlight and contour like Kim Kardashian. It has a casual 9.5 million views!

Follow Wayne for easy-to-follow guides for advanced techniques and all the insider makeup industry knowledge you’ll ever need.

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Zara is your typical makeup junkie, photography lover and jet setter. Whilst her website features stunning photography from her frequent trips abroad, her YouTube channel covers her top beauty tips for the girl who’s always on the go.

What with being Indian, many of Zara’s beauty tips are for those with darker skin. Her most popular video is a rundown of a few matte MAC lipsticks (she’s self-confessed lipstick-mad) that suit her exotic complexion.

Zara has a great energy about her and really knows what she’s talking about. Definitely worth a follow for an everyday sister.

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Leanne Lim-Walker

Leanne is a professional photographer and blogger who covers a wide variety of topics, including lookbooks, beauty tutorials and lifestyle help.

Being half Chinese and half English, she often covers issues for ladies that look a little different, like how to cope with having a different body shape to many western women, and tips on foundation routines for blemish-prone skin.

Leanne’s extremely creative and this really shows in her lookbooks. In her most popular video, she demos seven completely different looks using Joni Jeans, changing it up with varying shoes and jewellery.

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Lily Melrose

Lily is a 20-something fashion vlogger and mother to a little grey kitten called Aerys… which we can only assume is a name from Game of Thrones.

Lily’s channel is aimed at beauty for the everyday girl and she often covers how to get the most out of highstreet shopping. These include haul videos from well-known budget stores like Primark and beauty tutorials using Superdrug products.

With her sweet, approachable nature and down-to-earth approach to beauty, it’s easy to see how many girls can relate to Lily. No wonder her channel has 170k+ subscribers (and counting!).

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Lexi covers an awful lot on her channel — from fashion & shopping, to travel & food, beauty videos, tags and personal issue vlogs.

Vlogging since 2009, Lexi’s channel has gone from strength to strength and she now works with top brands. She recently partnered up with Venus for a series of leg confidence videos encouraging ladies to wear more skirts and short. All very well when you’ve got legs like Lex!

Lex also runs a fantastic fashion blog called Fashion Filth where she documents her many and varied outfit ideas. With such diverse Her creativity is simply inspiring.

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In the Frow

Victoria’s credibility goes on more than style alone. She’s an actual doctor of fashion, having completed a PhD in fashion, she now lectures in Fashion Marketing at the University of Manchester.

Her knowledge and passion for her subject really stand out in her videos. Covering all aspects of fashion and beauty — from shoe unboxings to hair tutorials — In The Frow is a one-stop shop for the latest and best beauty tips.

Victoria certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. Within its first six months, her accompanying blog won the Company Magazine Best Newcomer Blog Award, and the year after, the award for Best Established Blog.

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Dolly Bow Bow

Kate from Kent launched her channel way back in 2010 and has grown her follower base to over 248k. With a focus on putting a modern spin on old trends, Dolly Bow Bow is the place to be for all things vintage.

A new mum to a baby boy called Archie, Kate’s focus has shifted recently to parenting matter, but she still find time to stay chic amongst the nappies.

In 2010 Kate launched the Dolly Bow Bow online boutique. With a focus on all things gorgeous and girlie, whether you like to hint at vintage chic or to be dressed head to toe in girlie glamour, there’s something to suit you.

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What Wegan Did Next

Megan Evans and Whitney Bacon make up Wegan, our only blogging duo on this list. A femme lesbian couple, Wegan conquered long distance to formally partner back here the UK, and now they vlog together on their very own lifestyle channel.

Wegan’s unusual position being a femme couple gives their fashion and beauty tutorials a refreshing and often hilarious twist. It’s great to see them make cheeky comments at one another and get into the occasional lovers’ tiff.

Along with their fashion and beauty posts, the girls also offer fascinatingly honest insight into the highs and lows of being an out and proud gay couple in modern Britain.

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