Festive favourites from Ideal Home magazine

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We’re getting closer and closer to Christmas now, so Claire from Country Mouse Claire explains why Ideal Home magazine is the perfect read not only at Christmas time, but throughout the year.

ideal home magazine christmas

Like many others in the UK, as soon as the clocks fall back in November my thoughts turn to all things Christmassy.  Imagine my delight then when the festive issue of Ideal Home magazine arrived, full to the brim with Christmas inspiration, winter décor and wonderful gift ideas.  Here are a few of my favourite pieces and tips from the magazine.

  1. I loved the ’50 Perfect Presents for under £50’ piece. I hadn’t really looked at cushions from H&M before, but with so many beauties available, I think I must!
  2. The article with Emma Bridgewater was fantastic – I loved being able to read how someone as creative as her marks the Christmas season. Her homewares are beautiful!Ideal Home Christmas Decoration ideas
  3. The ’Urban Edge’ collection had some super suggestions for funky, unusual décor. One thing I adore about Ideal Home is how well they are able to mix different price points.  My favourite of the selections were a tree topper from Wilko which cost a fiver, which looked great alongside more expensive, artisan pieces.  I love that Ideal Home tries to make sure there’s something for everyone – inclusivity is a great thing when it comes to design!
  4. The piece on a traditional Christmas was amazing – it made me want to go and find the biggest tree possible and festoon it with reds and golds.Ideal Home maagzine Christmas tree
  5. Similarly, the Country Christmas Decorating Ideas were superb. I live in London but I’ll certainly be adapting some of the ideas to our space – the use of greenery is an amazing way to bring the outside in during the chillier months of the year.
  6. The recipes for Christmassy foods had my foodie mouth watering, and my inner chef eager to try out some of the offerings. We’ll be enjoying the Ideal Home team’s extra-fruity Christmas pudding come Christmas day.  Or maybe we’ll try the ultimate Christmas pudding recipe available on their website!

As always, reading Ideal Home filled me with inspiration and so many ideas I’d like to try.  I hope you are feeling similarly inspired as Christmas approaches!

Every issue of Ideal Home magazine is packed full of tips and ideas, so for year round inspiration, make sure that you subscribe to Ideal Home magazine with magazine.co.uk!