Halloween make-up and fancy dress ideas

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Halloween is almost here so we scoured the web to find the most terrifyingly terrific costume and make-up ideas.

halloween makeup ideas

Halloween is nearly here so it’s time to start thinking about your costume and planning a party. It can be pretty tough to make the right choice though. Do you go for something over the top and risk making your night a chore, or do you opt for something a bit more convenient, but less of a show stopper? To help you make up your mind, we’ve put together a list of some Halloween make-up and fancy dress ideas. Time to get spooky.

Our best Halloween makeup ideas & costumes


Scary skeleton

For an effective and affordable option, how about going as a skeleton? We admit that just putting on a t-shirt with some bones on is a cop out, but starting with this as a base you can put together something really impressive and terrifying. With a bit of face paint, a new hairdo and the right pose, you can recreate this look from She Wears Fashion.

Ghost bride

Reminiscent of Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, this costume from the Briar Rose blog isn’t too hard to put together. You might need to search out a suitably haunting dress – charity shops could be a good shout – but beyond that, everything else is in the hair and make-up along with a few bits and bobs you’ll be able to pick up from a local costume shop. It’s a superb choice.

Creepy doll

This is a make-up heavy costume and might take a bit of practice, but it’s well worth it. Take a look at the video below to see Hannah Leigh’s excellent idea. She also has a clown tutorial and an Annabelle doll one.

Halloween costumes for the children

Worrying about your own costume might get stressful, but getting one sorted for the kids is something else. In the end though, you can get some great fun out of it, so it’s worth all the sweat and tears. Over on the Ladyland blog, they’ve put together some outfits – which are decidedly British – that you might want to consider for the kids. Our favourite is the Pigeon, although the Estate Agent is probably the scariest!

Group ideas

If you and your friends and family are planning on coordinating then we’ve got some ideas of our own together. You just can’t beat the effect of five people entering a party with a combined killer costume. Here are our best suggestions based on some of the more popular moments of 2015:

· Inside Out
· Minions
· Orphan Black
· Orange is the New Black
· Barden Bellas (Pitch Perfect)
· Kimmy Schmidt and the Sister Wives
· Emojis

SFX Make-up tips

For those out there who want some advice and tips for doing some great Halloween special effects make-up, we point you in the direction of Cherry Wallis. She really knows her stuff so take a look at her tutorial playlist below. There’s info on the products she uses along with devil, zombie and Scar videos to help you compose a genuinely ghastly ensemble this year.