Scandinavian hanging felt heart craft tutorial

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Inspired by this year’s very popular Scandinavian trend and her Homes and Gardens magazine subscription, Sarah from Extraordinary Chaos shares a simple hanging felt heart craft tutorial. This lovely craft can not only be used as a Christmas decoration, but also in year-round décor.

DIY scandinavian felt hanging

With Scandinavian style being very much in the year, I wanted to share a simple tutorial on how to make felt heart decorations, inspired by my Homes and Gardens magazine subscription. These can be adapted to any time of year - they look gorgeous as festive decorations, but I have also made as bunting in triangles and put names on, they are so simple, and cheap to make. Plus they make wonderful gifts!

scandinavian felt heart craft diy

To make these cute Scandi-style DIY felt hearts, you will need:

  • 8 squares of felt in your chosen colours
  • Wadding to stuff your hearts
  • 8 Bells
  • Felting wool in your chosen colour and a felting barb needle
  • Embroidery thread, to stitch the hearts and needle
  • Fine coloured (I used silver) thread for detail
  • Ribbon
  • Brads
  • Scissors
  • Clean, dry bath sponge

Scandinavian heart materials


  • Start by making a template for your hearts. Mark and cut them all out. For this garland I cut out 16 hearts.

scandinavian felt heart hanging

  • Put 8 hearts to one side, and sew loops of ribbon onto the inside of the remaining 8 hearts. Then sew your bells on to the front of the hearts.

embroidered scandi felt hanging

  • If you would like to decorate any of the hearts with sparkly embroidery, then this is the time to add your designs. I did small sparkly stars on my white hearts. But be sure to leave 4 for felting once stuffed.

scandi heart felt hanging

  • Now you can sew the remaining 8 hearts to your heart fronts with a simple blanket stitch. Before you complete you heart, stuff with the wadding and then complete you stitching and knot to secure.


  • Now with you barbed needle start to work the outline of your letters. You place the felt onto you heart (I feel it helps to put a clean, dry bath sponge underneath to protect your fingers) then push the needle in and out to secure the loose felting wool to your felt. The more you work the wool the more defined you shape will be. And don't worry if you make a mistake - you can pull it away and start again.

scandinavian felt heart DIY

  • Once you are happy with your felting and have added any addition detail, thread the loops through a length of coordinating ribbon and secure your heart ribbons with a stitch or a brad.

Scandinavian felt heart bunting

  • Tie a loop at each end of your ribbon and you decoration is ready to hang.

scandinavian felt hanging craft

There’s lots of great inspiration in Homes and Gardens magazine and it doesn’t just involve features on what to buy – there’s crafts and more creative tips too. So if you’re looking for year-round home décor inspiration, tips and features, then make sure that you subscribe to Homes and Gardens magazine today!