How To Gift a Magazine Subscription

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How To Gift A Magazine Subscription

How To Gift a Magazine Subscription

Ah, gifting. Giving someone a present is a wonderful gesture. Choosing the correct gift, however, can be a stressful and testing time! We all want to show our appreciation with something that our loved ones would genuinely appreciate, right? Well, here at, we make present picking a much more pleasant process. A magazine subscription ticks all the boxes and gives the recipient a gift that lasts all year long!

Gifting a magazine subscription is the perfect way to show that you care. You can choose a title that you know is enjoyed by the recipient - or you can branch out by picking a topic that fascinates them. Selecting a magazine that speaks to an individual's interest is a great way to show that you know them, that you are considerate, and that you support whatever it is that they are passionate about.

A magazine subscription gift is thoughtful, easy to send, and continues to thrill long after the day of the gift-giving. Whatever your budget and whatever their taste - we have something to cater to the needs of both you and the person you are buying for. Read on to learn how to gift a magazine subscription, then choose a title to treat someone you love to something special!

What is a Magazine Subscription?

Managing to merge consideration with convenience - a magazine subscription benefits both gift-giver and gift-receiver. You can rest safe in the knowledge that your present continues to please throughout the time frame you choose, and they can enjoy your thoughtful offering each time a new issue lands through their letterbox. Providing you with an option that is hassle-free, a magazine subscription gift continues to engage and entertain long after the day you hand over such a thoughtful and thought-provoking sentiment. Whether you are buying for someone who is fascinated with food, is a supporter of sports, or has a passion for fashion - there is a perfect read for every interest here at All you have to do is choose a magazine, select the subscription length, enter their details - and then the publication will be delivered directly to your recipient’s door each month! Simple, satisfying and secure.

Why Gift a Magazine Subscription?

The simple answer is…why wouldn't you? With hundreds of titles available for all sorts of interests and hobbies - the possibilities are endless. A magazine subscription can encourage, entertain and enthuse its readers, and is the perfect way to show the recipient that you know exactly what makes them tick. Another reason to gift a magazine subscription is that it is a really easy gift to give. Simply choose the title, and the subscription duration, enter their delivery details - and you are good to go! When it comes to presenting your magazine subscription gift - you have the choice of printing out a copy of your order confirmation, or you can get crafty by creating a ‘voucher’ using our e-card creator that lets your lucky recipient know what they can expect.

With an easy-to-navigate website that is packed full of a huge selection of magazines - you can steer clear of busy department stores and choose your gift from the comfort of your own home. Or if you're in need of a little inspiration, then look no further than our Gift Finder to help you pick the perfect magazine. So whether you are browsing for birthday ideas, are keen to secure a Christmas gift, or are searching for other special occasions - a magazine subscription gift will give your loved one something to look forward to every time a new issue is released. Or if you’re not sure which title they like, why not treat them to one of our gift cards (physical or e-gift) and let them pick themselves?

How to Gift a Magazine Subscription

So, how does it work…exactly? Gifting a magazine subscription is efficient and easy. Once you’ve found the perfect magazine, choose the number of issues or subscription length best suited to your needs. Many magazine subscriptions on will list a dedicated ‘Gift Subscription’ option alongside the standard subscriptions. This makes it easy to inform the website that your purchase is a gift for somebody else. However, if this option isn't available for your desired title or offer, you can turn any magazine subscription into a gift subscription by simply selecting the ‘This is a gift’ tickbox when the item is in your basket. Then pop their address in at the checkout, and you're done! Now you can sit back, relax - and leave the rest to us!

Which Magazine Will You Gift?

If you are looking for a rewarding, reliable and thoughtful present to give your loved one - a magazine gift subscription is the smart choice. All that is left now is to choose the right magazine! Explore a wide variety of titles, hone in on their hobby, invest in their interests, and pick a present that is personal to them. With magazines for children, musicians, film lovers, chefs & bakers, fitness fanatics, and so much more - there is something for everyone here at

Choose a thoughtful, valuable and generous present that is sure to please each time it arrives through the letterbox. Cater to all tastes with a magazine subscription gift that keeps on giving!