OK! magazine review

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Parenting blogger Fiona from Mummy’s Little Stars tells us what she loves about OK! magazine.


OK! magazine review

Being a working mum, I have little time to read, although I do enjoy catching up on a bit of celebrity gossip and OK! magazine brings me just that. A magazine packed full of the latest goings on from the last couple of weeks accompanied by plenty of pictures and snippets of gossip.

OK! magazine is an easy going read, one that you can pick up and down as time allows. The front cover is always the biggest feature so if you are interested in the celebs on the cover you can be sure of a multi page interview and feature with plenty of photos of the people in question.

The rest of the magazine is broken down into smaller features and interviews from the likes of British soap stars, football stars, actors and TV presenters. I like the page Hollywood Confidential to catch up with a few goings on from Tinseltown too.


As much as I like a celebrity catch up, it's nice to see some other features in the latter part of the magazine, such as beauty, fashion and health. I enjoyed the Sweet Dreams fashion feature with a gorgeous selection of pretty pastel clothes, perfect for the smart casual look this summer.

Reading the interview with Emma Bunton made me realise that I'm quite lucky when my little boy wanders into my bedroom at 6am, seeing as she leaves the house at 5.30am each morning to work on her radio show! She always reminded me how important looking after your skin is it to protect against sun damage and ageing as she's religious about applying suncream every day – something I must try and do more.

I'm always inspired reading about Michelle Mone: a mum and business woman who’s lost a large amount of weight over the years and now looks stunning! How she fits in all her fitness I don't know, but she's definitely motivated and I guess that's what gets her the results. She's on an ultra 12 week fitness plan at the moment to lose one final stone and I've no doubt she'll succeed.

As you can see OK! magazine really is packed with articles, that keep me entertained. It's perfect to squeeze into a busy lifestyle and grab a few pages a time.

Not sure which gossip mag to get? We pitted HELLO! vs OK! in a head-to-head duel. Or you can subscribe to OK! magazine here today!