Reasons I Love Heat Magazine

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Lifestyle blogger Donna from What the Redhead Said tells us why heat magazine is perfect to dip in and out of and is always in her handbag...

I have been reading heat magazine for quite a while now, and every time I pick up a new issue it feels so familiar to me. Even if I haven't read heat in a while it feels like an old friend, and you can just pick up where you left off. Here are a few reasons why I love heat magazine.

Weekly - Heat magazine comes out every single week so you can get that wonderful new heat fix regularly - no having to wait weeks for the next instalment!

Heat Exclusives - With so much exclusive content, heat gives you all the news and gossip first. If you like to know what's going on in the celebrity world as soon as it happens, heat is the magazine to read.

Interviews - It's not just about gossip and rumours with heat magazine. They have loads of official interviews, so you know the stories are coming right from the horse's mouth; it's a great way to find out more about the real people and not just the celebrity front we think we know.


Personal Shopper - If you want to know what's hot and what's not on the style front, want to dress like a celeb or just want to know what all the ladies wore to an awards night, then this heat magazine section is for you.

Entertainment - If you want to know what's out at the cinema, what new music is coming out or just what's on TV, then heat magazine's Playlist has all the info you need.

Time - If you're limited for time heat magazine is perfect to dip in and out of, with loads of articles of differing lengths and snippets of information. It's perfect for a long journey or a five minute break.

Current - Everything in heat magazine is as it happens, informative and completely up to date. You will never see old news in heat magazine.


Heat magazine is constantly in my handbag ready to read whenever I get the chance. It's full of so many great stories, features and articles and not just page after page of advertising. It's a great read - and one that I know I'll be enjoying for years to come.