The 5 Best Living Abroad Magazines

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The 5 Best Living Abroad MagazinesThe 5 Best Living Abroad Magazines

Whether you’re lusting for an expat lifestyle or living abroad is in your retirement plans, our guide to the 5 best living abroad magazines will bring you a world of opportunities. From advice and practical guides to breathtaking photography and cultural insight, there’s a lot that goes into living abroad and you’ll find it all here in one of our magazines at

1. Abode2

Abode2 MagazineFrom waterfront living to ski resorts, Abode2 magazine is brimming with properties all over the world ready for your picking. Discover exquisite homes, apartments and villas in the UK’s fastest growing luxury property and travel magazine. Abode2 magazine features homes in Canada, Morroco, Thailand, Mauritius and many more, from coasts to country retreats, you’re always spoiled for choice.

If you are unsure of where to buy and why, you’ll discover countless guides discussing when’s best, as well as property investment tips. Alongside this, you’ll find interviews with designers and architects to inspire your home renovation projects within Abode2. If you’re looking for a stylish second home, look no further than a subscription to Abode2 magazine.

2. French Property News

French Property News MagazineFrench Property News magazine has everything you need to know about buying property in France. Packed with advice from estate agents and financial experts, you’ll soon be making your dream French château a reality. From bustling French towns to quaint countryside estates, no matter what lifestyle you desire, French Property News has you covered.

If you have always lusted over owning your own French property, you’ll enjoy the articles featuring real-life stories from others who have found their dream homes in France, and how they did it. French Property News magazine makes the quest to living abroad a whole lot easier, with every issue containing everything you need to know, from builders and tradesmen to the best french estate agents to engage.

3. Italia!

Italia! MagazineIf you’ve fallen in love with Italy, from the historical culture to the hearty food, you’ll be engrossed with Italia! magazine. Full of breathtaking photography of the rolling hills and colourful streets of Italy, you’ll be inspired to make the move sooner! Learn all about the towns and villages, so you can uncover the local’s Italy to drive your move abroad.

Explore the lesser known areas across this fascinating country within Italia! magazine, with handy guides breaking down go-to bustling markets, places to eat and places you shouldn’t miss, so you feel at home when you live abroad. Whether you’re heading north to the mountains or south to the coast, you’ll discover mouthwatering recipes to get your taste buds ready for the hearty family dishes that Italy is best known for, when you subscribe to Italia! magazine.

4. Living France

Living France MagazineIf you’re considering upping sticks and moving across the English channel, you’ll be inspired by the articles in Living France magazine. Every issue will take you on a journey around France, region-by-region, so you’ll have a clear idea of where you would like to live. Find the perfect place to settle down, with an extensive list of breathtaking properties in Living France magazine each month.

Make your move to France easier with the helpful advice from Brits who are living abroad in France already. Alongside this, you’ll explore the French culture, delightful food and wonderful locations to explore, so that you settle down in a location perfect for you. Be inspired for your move to France with a subscription to Living France magazine.

5. The Sunday Times Travel

The Sunday Times Travel MagazineMaybe you’re still looking for inspiration on where you’d like to live and you want to explore the world some more before you make the jump to living abroad? If so, then you’ll find The Sunday Times Travel magazine to be your perfect travel companion. From the world’s best cities to remote coasts, you’ll learn about locations across the globe to help motivate your move abroad.

Brimming with beautiful photographs of dreamy locations, you’ll be inspired by the well-researched journalism of the large range of locations in every issue of The Sunday Times Travel. With a subscription to The Sunday Times Travel magazine, you’ll discover insider experiences of these stunning locations, so you can get a feel of what it’s like to live there as a local before you decide on the right location for you.


Delve into the details you need to know to take action and take the leap to moving abroad with one of our 5 best living abroad magazines. Or why not explore more by shopping our entire range of living abroad magazine subscriptions.