The 5 Best Puzzle Magazines in 2020

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the 5 best puzzle magazinesThe 5 Best Puzzle Magazines in 2020

Are you up for a challenge? How about one that puts your concentration, problem-solving and cognitive skills to the test? With a bit of brainpower, patience and determination you’ll be able to complete and solve the most puzzling of puzzles. Whether you’re looking for a bit of easy entertainment or a way to exercise your brain, here at, we have the 5 best puzzle magazines for you to choose your perfect puzzle companion! 

Crossword, word search or Sudoku, there is a grand list of contenders waiting to tease your brain. Don’t shy away, step up to the plate and pick your battle - will it be a showdown between you and a 9x9 killer Sudoku grid? Or perhaps you’ll be up against a never-ending search for that stubborn 6 letter word? Whatever you choose, there can only be one winner in the end. Do you have what it takes to defeat the puzzles?


1. Puzzler

Puzzler MagazineFull of brain-teasers and tricky challenges, Puzzler magazine has been every puzzle lover’s favourite for over 40 years, celebrating its 600th issue in May 2020! Choose from a whopping selection of over 60 puzzles in every issue - from classic word searches to fun teasers like Spot the Difference, Puzzler magazine has plenty to keep your brain entertained for hours. Whenever and wherever the puzzles are ready for you to enjoy! Plus, Puzzler includes the added bonus of offering big cash competitions within every issue - feel accomplished by completing challenging puzzles and have the chance to be rewarded with a bit of cash. What more could you ask for?

2. Puzzler Killer Sudoku

Puzzler Killer Sudoku Magazine

Are you a fan of Sudoku puzzles? It’s time to kick your arithmetic solving skills up a notch and give yourself an even greater challenge. The Puzzler Killer Sudoku magazine offers a selection of puzzles with levels that range from mild to deadly in their difficulty. Have the pleasure of choosing from over 100 Sudoku puzzles including Killer Sudoku, Galaxies, Hidoku, Kakuro, Killer Uncaged and MinuPlu - how many can you complete? Remember hard work always pays off, which is why Puzzler Killer Sudoku always gives you a chance to win £1,000 cash by entering an exciting and new competition in each and every issue. Exercise your brain with some dangerously good fun and give yourself the opportunity to become a Puzzler Killer Sudoku magazine master.  


3. Q Word Search 

Q Word Search Magazine

Just like a game of hide and seek, Q Word Search magazine offers mystery, surprise, challenges and most importantly, fun and entertainment. Horizontal, vertical or diagonal, the word's hiding positions are never a secret, however, they know all too well how to blend in amongst the other letters. Sometimes the hunt can be long, but once that word is found you feel a sense of accomplishment and become that much closer to the finish. Q Word Search magazine gives you 100 pages of quality word searches, fun-shaped puzzles with hidden messages, word trails and more! You don’t want to miss out on all the thrill and fun of word searches, especially when you have the opportunity to win a share of £2,000 in every issue!


4. Codebreakers

Codebreakers Magazine

Numbers, words and codes, oh my! Codebreakers magazine combines it all to set you up for the ultimate challenge - cracking a mysterious code. With a choice of over 85 puzzles in every issue, Codebreakers’ puzzles are just like any other crossword except that every letter has been replaced by a number from 1 to 26. If you can work out the words and solve the puzzle then you’ll be able to crack the mysterious code. Remember, whatever your age, you’re never too old for a good ol’ brain teaser.    


5. Puzzler Collection

Puzzler Collection Magazine

Puzzler Collection is the UK’s bestselling puzzle magazine for good reason, as it combines a healthy mix of all the most commonly loved puzzles on the market - Sudoku, word searches, crosswords, logic challenges and more, all in one convenient place to enjoy. Whatever level you prefer to try, beginner or advanced, with the Puzzler Collection there truly is a puzzle suitable for everyone to tackle. Plus, you’ll always be given a chance to win more than £2,000 with every issue - so, are you feeling lucky? It’s time to get puzzling!

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