The 5 Best Magazines for Men

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the 5 best magazines for men The 5 Best Magazines for Men

It is a world where beard grooming and sports game obsessing play their active roles, a world where the latest gadgets, the fastest cars and the tastiest foods never go unnoticed. Who holds the power over this particular realm you ask? The ever so dashing species that we call, men.  

Whether it’s fitness or fashion, games or gadgets, every man has their ultra manly interest that they just can’t seem to get enough of. With our list of the 5 best magazines for men, you will get a true taste of what keeps a man’s world going round. Intellect, sports junkie, fitness fanatic, fashion-conscious or gaga for gizmos, there is a magazine suitable to the interests of each and every unique man.

Feast your eyes on the 5 best magazines for men from - a fully curated list, for men who are looking for a well-informed and intriguing read.


1. GQ

GQ Magazine

Fashion, sport, entertainment, technology or politics, GQ magazine has it all. GQ is the award-winning, modern day man’s bible for living a truly impeccable existence. Feed your mind a healthy dose of inspiration when you read through the latest style updates and current affairs.

A diverse and dynamic publication that gives you everything from relationship advice to beard grooming guidelines or the coolest new products to buy. You will even find the best GQ food recipe tips and restaurant guides, as well as diet advice for getting lean and toned - GQ doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to the world of men!  


2. BBC Top Gear

BBC Top Gear Magazine

Fast and furious or driving Miss Daisy - whatever your style, it’s hard to resist gawking over the latest and greatest rides around. BBC Top Gear magazine successfully feeds your automobile obsession with features on celebrity interviews, expert opinions, rip-roaring road tests, the latest launches and price guides. Whether you’re into everyday hatchbacks or super hot wheels, BBC Top Gear caters to the entire community of true car enthusiasts.

If you’re already a fan of the popular TV series, then you’ll love taking advantage of diving further into the world of Top Gear - where you’ll read up on expert columns from the Top Gear presenters including time trials, answers to frequently asked car questions and classic car reviews. Satisfy your need for speed with a BBC Top Gear magazine subscription.


3. Men’s Health

Mens Health Magazine

Seeking a motivational boost? Don’t throw in the towel just yet, Men’s Health magazine is here to help you tackle your fitness goals and lead a healthier lifestyle. With a full section devoted to answering all reader’s health or fitness related questions, it is clear that Men’s Health wants nothing but to be your go-to health expert and guide.

Men’s Health magazine acts as your very own personal trainer (at the best price!) offering you expert advice on what to focus on during your workouts, how to maximise your health with food and recipe ideas and even general recommended methods to improve your overall psyche, career and lifestyle. It’s time to toss on those trainers and get moving and grooving.


4. Stuff

Stuff Magazine

Smartphones, TVs, tablets and games - all the stuff we can’t get enough of. Tech lovers and gadget geeks, you will want to get your hands on the cutting-edge publication of Stuff magazine. Flip through pages of exclusive updates, informed tips and opinions on the latest launches and bestselling products in the world of gadgets.

Stuff magazine is the expert on stuff - whether it’s about the latest drone or smartwatch, or new, useful and fun apps to try on your mobile, Stuff will always guide you in the right direction on what the best products are. Trust us, they know their stuff!    


5. FourFourTwo

FourFourTwo Magazine

Do you get a rush from cheering on your favourite football team (only when they’re playing well, of course)? If so, then you would be a perfect match for a FourFourTwo subscription, the holy grail of football magazines. Player information, match analysis, season predictions and transfer gossip, oh my!

All that you need to know to stay informed on the beautiful game of football is waiting for you within a FourFourTwo magazine. Follow along the biggest and baddest names in the game with exclusive player interviews - giving you a sneak peek into their health, fitness and training regimes. Up your game and score your very own FourFourTwo magazine.        


Looking for more options to meet your unique interests - we have plenty of options for everyone here at So why not take a browse through our full range of magazines for men?