The 5 Best Magazines for Women

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The 5 best magazines for womenThe 5  Best Magazines for Women

 They are fierce, they are fearless, they are female - with style and grace, they represent the most enchanting of species. In the world of women, fashion is worshipped, cocktails are effortlessly polished off and the population of ‘shoeaholics’ continues to multiply in numbers. There is simply no stopping the powerful nation of females - they know how to talk the talk, walk the walk and above all, shop ‘till they totally drop. 

Beauty guru, fitness fanatic or travel junkie, every woman has their guilty pleasure and what better way to celebrate the many wonders of women than with the 5 best magazines for women?

These 5 must-reads for women from aim to inspire, educate and entertain all the lovely ladies of the world - but most importantly, share in the ongoing movement of girl power!

1. Vogue

Vogue Magazine

It is the Bible, the legend and the leader of fashion, it is the one and only, Vogue. Universally acknowledged, Vogue is the fashion magazine that has undeniably made its mark on history and the future of the fashion industry as a whole. Beauty, fashion, living and culture, Vogue has been the leading voice and shaper of the latest in fashion and emerging trends since its birth in 1892.

Within each and every page you will discover nothing less than the best of the best - the most exclusive luxury designers, top photographers, glamorous models and the most talented writers. As the number 1 fashion magazine in the world, Vogue is not only visually stunning and a captivating read, but it is also guaranteed to inspire, excite and educate. Through beauty tips and tutorials, to appreciating new designs from fresh faces in the industry, Vogue magazine has more than enough to always keep you 10 steps ahead in the fashion game.



ELLE Magazine

Are you in desperate need of some outfit inspiration? Quit stressing over what to wear and grab yourself an ELLE magazine to help throw away your wardrobe woes. From head to toe, ELLE covers all of your major styling needs with the best advice, tips and guides - giving you an updated street style you can feel confident about.

However, the expert tips and tricks don’t stop there, ELLE also offers you practical lifestyle advice related to topics such as relationships, well-being, money, fitness and career. Your personal stylist, your life adviser and your favourite fashion read - ELLE magazine is the stunning glossy you need.


3. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan Magazine

If she’s fun, feisty and fearless then she is most definitely a Cosmo girl. From celebrity news to empowering career advice, Cosmopolitan has created a major fan following that women are proud to be a part of. From the start of its first publication in 1886, Cosmopolitan has flourished into one of the most enthusiastic and influential reads for young women today. Reaching over 110 countries with more than 18 million readers, it’s no wonder we’ve included it in our top 5. Get your fashion fix or exclusive advice from your favourite celebrities, it’s all here in Cosmo magazine - helping you live your best and most exciting life!


4. Women’s Health

Womens Health Magazine

What does it really mean to build your mind, body and soul? Inside a Women’s Health magazine you can find all the answers you’ve been looking for. Explore the many tips, tricks and expert advice you need to achieve your health and fitness goals. Whether you’re interested in getting into shape, switching up your diet or simply looking for ways to better your everyday living, Women’s Health gives you the perfect amount of motivation you need to be the best version of you. Plus, you can score some extra beauty tips and browse the latest in fitness fashion - look fantastic and feel fantastic with a Women’s Health magazine.


5. Woman & Home

Woman & Home Magazine

Coming home after a long day to a comfortable space you adore and cherish is one of the most satisfying feelings in life. Woman & Home magazine celebrate this feeling whole-heartedly through its fabulous content that covers topics of fashion, beauty, health, food, family, travel, relationships and more.

Woman & Home have a long running history of celebrating women from all different walks of life - it is the go-to, uplifting lifestyle essential glossy. Discover new and exciting food recipes or be inspired by travel reviews to help you plan your next family holiday! Everything you need to feel happy in your home and in your life is waiting for you within a Woman & Home magazine. 


Sometimes choosing just one magazine isn’t enough, especially when there are multiple interests involved. If you’re wanting more exciting reads for all your womanly needs, then you can continue to browse our selection of magazines for women.