The 7 Best Railway Magazines

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The 7 Best Railway Magazines

The 7 Best Railway Magazines

Calling all rainfans, railbuffs and trainspotters. Are you looking to relive the golden age of rail travel or simply experience news, views and the best of rail today? Whatever your angle there’s a railway magazine to keep your love and knowledge of all things rail on track.

Whether your interest lies in overground or underground or it’s electric or steam trains that blow your whistle, here at you’ll find a diverse range of iconic title subscriptions covering everything the modern rail enthusiast needs to know: from the latest news, in-depth reviews to the most engaging features written by experts in the field.  

Finding it hard to choo choo choose? Celebrate your passion for locomotives with our pick of the best 7 railway magazines today.

Heritage Railway magazine

1. Heritage Railway

If you’re a fan of steam trains throughout history, a Heritage Railway magazine subscription is a fantastic way to join a community of like-minded rail fans who are enthusiastic about keeping the spirit of old fashioned rail travel, machines and railways alive. Packed with news and events, modelling, line updates, restorations, history and so much more, Heritage Railway always has something fascinating waiting to be read inside every monthly issue. Keep up with the latest and indulge in your love of times gone by with a Heritage Railway magazine subscription.

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Modern Railways magazine

2. Modern Railways

Always brimming with the latest news, views and analysis of today’s railways, Modern Railways is a magazine bursting with in-depth coverage of all aspects of the rail industry. From traction to signalling, rolling stock to infrastructure management, Modern Railways is the essential read for industry professionals and railway enthusiasts alike. Take a deep dive into the changes across the national network, the latest happenings in the industry and updates on developments enhancing our railways inside every issue of Modern Railways magazine - each monthly issue contains everything you need to keep you up to speed.

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The Railway Magazine

3. The Railway Magazine

The Railway Magazine is a historic bestselling title bringing you all the latest news on rail since 1897. A subscription to this nostalgic title is a fantastic way to buy into the incredible history of the fascinating subject as well as get your monthly fix of rail news. The Railway Magazine allows you to find out more about iconic steam engines like the Flying Scotsman and the Orient Express every month, as well as new updates on modern machines and rail programmes. Featuring the very latest on new developments like the IEP project for electric trains to create better inter-city links from London, don’t miss the news, updates and historic celebrations on all things rail in The Railway Magazine.

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Rail Express magazine

4. Rail Express

Rail Express magazine is an essential monthly read for today’s rail enthusiast. Packed full of the latest news from the rail industry, covering developments and changes in planning, policy and much more, Rail Express features entertaining and well-informed articles on everything from preservation projects, the history of British rail, acquisition and movement updates, the latest Railtours around the UK, and a whole mini-magazine dedicated to modelling. Whether you love the overground, underground or everything in between, you’ll love Rail Express magazine.

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Steam Railway magazine

5. Steam Railway

The world’s biggest-selling steam railway magazine, each issue of Steam Railway features the latest news and updates from across the country, fantastic photography and historical articles all about steam trains. Steam Railway magazine is written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, it’ll become your one-stop guide for everything steam. You will be brought back in time with the magnificent steam locomotives that have graced our railways. Celebrate the world of steam with a subscription to Steam Railway magazine, delivering a brand new issue directly to your door every month.

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Railways Illustrated magazine

6. Railways Illustrated

Railways Illustrated is the monthly magazine devoted to British railway enthusiasts covering the modern railway network system. Each monthly issue of Railways Illustrated contains news, features and views in addition to the finer details of events, charter trains, preservation, main line steam, steam galas, event reviews and rolling stock changes. Unlike other magazines on the market, Railways Illustrated reviews events, tackles the issues affecting today’s enthusiasts, heritage and modern day railway industries.

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Traction magazine

7. Traction

Traction magazine is the bi-monthly publication which caters solely for those interested in the fascinating development of diesel and electric traction on the UK’s world-celebrated railways. Within the pages of Traction magazine you will find a wide variety of articles written by professional railwaymen, railway historians and enthusiasts. Each issue of Traction magazine contains high quality and thought provoking articles, as well as news of heritage traction on both the main and preserved lines.

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Are you a rail enthusiast? Keen to immerse yourself in the history, culture and fascinating world of trains? Sign up and get in the know about all things railway with our incredible section and fascinating titles in our collection of railway magazine subscriptions. You’ll never miss out on the latest developments and news with the latest issue of your favourite magazine delivered directly to your door.