7 Awesome Autumn Ideas

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At magazine.co.uk HQ we're celebrating all things autumnal. There's a definite chill in the air, so grab your sparklers and toast your marshmallows because everything changes when the leaves turn from green to gold. Here are 7 awesome autumn ideas for the fall season...
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Here are 7 ideas via Pinterest we are loving for a truly Autumnal weekend. Why not get creative with the colours of the season, or grab your nearest and dearest, mix a few drinks and get feasting?

The Cocktail

Plum & Thyme Prosecco Smash

Plum & Thyme Prosecco Smash

If you're organising an Autumn get-together with friends, what better than an autumnal cocktail to get the party started? This plum and thyme prosecco smash is just the ticket, with a fruity botanical look that's as fresh as it tastes. Found on Pinterest, this recipe is from the pages of brilliant blog 'My Diary of  Us' - click to find out how to make plum and thyme prosecco smash.

To Share


Sausage Twist via Olive Magazine

Now you've got the cocktails, how about something to share around the table? Light a few candles and fire up the oven for this fantastic sharer to keep the conversation flowing - the delicious Sausage Twist, from Olive magazine. This recipe calls for sausage meat and a mix of nuts and herbs, yet with so many flavours and varieties of sausage meat around, you can really get creative with aromatic and seasonal versions, too. Veggie? Just replace with vegetarian sausage. Simple!

To Do: Light a Sparkler and Toast Some Marshmallows


Image credit: Tumblr | Tumblr

There's nothing quite so autumnal as lighting a sparkler and toasting marshmallows. You can toast marshmallows under the grill, but we think there's nothing better than heading outside with a proper woodfire and toasting them on a stick. Suitable for almost all ages and cheap to do, head outside to your local Bonfire Night or get a log fire going in the garden at home (make sure you have an adult to supervise if you're DIYing with fire)! Lighting sparklers also makes for great family fun and photos - who can write their name best? Don't forget to wear gloves and have a bucket of water handy to put them out safely afterwards.

For Pudding


Pumpkin Pie S'Mores via BBC Good Food Magazine

These pumpkin pie s'mores look divine and have a lot of impact, but they're super easy to make! With a few storecupboard basics and the addition of pumpkin purée, you can take your standard s'more (still every bit as delicious as this version) and make an altogether autumnal affair. A great crowdpleaser and perfect for kids too, we dare you to try and stick to eating just one - we think it's impossible! Click for BBC Good Food's Pumpkin Pie S'Mores recipe.

To Make: An Awesome Autumn Pinterest Board

If the weather outside is frightful, stay in and make an Autumn Pinterest board! There are plenty of seasonal pins to discover - halloween crafts, autumnal interior ideas, seasonal recipes, the latest autumn fashions, fun with the family, photography tips - and more! If you're looking for inspiration, our Autumn | Fall pinterest board is just the ticket to get you started...

For Breakfast


Wholewheat Maple Cinnamon Buns via Jamie Magazine

If you have guests for the weekend (or if you just want to impress the family every once in a while), these wholewheat maple cinnamon buns are a real treat for an Autumn weekend morning! The scent of cinnamon buns baking gently in the oven is so mouthwatering it may even tempt a few surly teenagers from their beds to see what smells so good. Here's how to make wholewheat maple cinnamon buns yourself.

To See: The Autumn Leaves Changing Colour


Image Credit: Tumblr | Tumblr

Nothing gets you quite in the autumn spirit like a crisp, fine day and a long country walk to take in the splendour of Autumn. Fantastic with family or alone, why not take a camera and capture the changing colours? If you're in a big group, it's fun to name trees and spot particularly bright leaves. If you're lucky enough to have access to woodland and countryside areas, why not go for a spot of foraging? There are plenty of berries, mushrooms and sloes to pick this time of year. Make sure you're picking safe varieties and on public land - try a guide to autumn foraging from the Woodland Trust.

To Giftchutney

Cranberry, Orange & Ginger Chutney via delicious. Magazine

Any Autumn birthdays in your family? This Cranberry, Orange and Ginger chutney is a wonderful seasonal gift and great on oat biscuits with pate (or even on toast)! If you're looking for an easy and cheap present for the festive season, a chutney or jam is a real crowdpleaser and easy to make in batches. This particular recipe is better with time, so make it a month ahead if possible and allow to mature. Alternatively, attach a cute label with 'Open in 1 month!' written on it so your guests can allow their chutney to mature at home. Here's how to make Cranberry, Orange and Ginger chutney.


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