Magazine Subscriptions for Schools 2019

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Magazine subscriptions for schools |

Looking for magazine subscriptions for your staff or classroom? We have a wide variety of interesting, educational reads here at Here are our top magazine subscriptions for school to enjoy all year round…

Magazines for the Staff Room

Encourage your team to stay up to date with all the latest news and debates within the education sector. Discussing everything from exams and lesson planning to navigating behavioural issues and stimulating creativity, there’s something fresh and new for even the most experienced teachers in every issue.

Teach magazine subscriptions for schools

The Teach magazine range covers Early Years, Primary and Secondary education. Written by professionals in education as well as current/ex-teachers, Teach promote a healthy approach to excellence in education and being the best teacher you can be. Brimming with all the updates in the educational sector, interesting debates from fellow teachers as well as hints and tips for the classroom, each issue is a fascinating read from start to finish. Assisting newly trained NQTs and professionals returning to teaching as well as those with decades of experience, Teach offer some of the best magazine subscriptions for schools around.

Special needs school magazine subscriptions

If you work within the special needs sector, try a SEN magazine subscription. Explore all areas of special needs – from disabilities and Downs Syndrome to mental health and Autism – with the latest news on codes of practice and conduct. Inside every issue of SEN, you’ll find ways to help each individual child succeed in their own way and in their own time, with tips and features on soft skills as well as training to assist different types of disability. With all the latest news and reports, SEN is essential for any staff room.

Subject-specific magazine subscriptions

Here at, we offer a broad range of teaching magazine subscriptions, with reads for different sectors (Early Years/Pre-School, Primary, Secondary) as well as individual magazines for different subjects. Nursery staff will enjoy Practical Pre-School or Creative Steps – and why not treat your creative staff to a Music Teacher, Artist’s Palette or Teaching Drama magazine subscription? Your Science teacher colleagues will enjoy BBC Focus and All About Space – and what about National Geographic and All About History for Humanities?

Magazines for the Classroom

Encourage colourful, fun reading with our magazine subscriptions for the classroom. A great way to promote reading, these colourful, educational magazines are just what your pupils are looking for…

News, views and the wider world

The Week Junior and First News help explain current affairs to pupils, with features on world news, geography, science and more. Written for 8-14 year olds, each issue explores what’s going on in the world right now and encourages healthy debate – both at home and in the classroom. For scientific minds, The Week Junior covers all areas from human biology to outer space, too.

Science, history and geography

Exploring the most interesting facts, figures and features of our astonishing planet (and the wider universe), our science, history and geography magazines will inspire and amaze pupils from cover to cover. Eco Kids Planet and National Geographic Kids are a great place to start for geography lovers, whilst How it Works covers everything from tech to transport. All About Space takes kids out of this world, whilst All About History transports them to the past.

The littlest ones

Not forgetting the youngest magazine fans, treat the smaller pupils to Storytime or Adventure Box. Our colourful comics are perfect for those who are new to reading and already love to read, yet also help the children who need a little encouragement. Bursting with the coolest characters, fun storylines and colourful illustrations, they’ll love reading each adventure in every issue.

Feeling inspired? Browse our Kids magazines for more magazine subscriptions for schools!


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