The 3 best magazine subscriptions for kids

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3 magazine subscriptions for kids |

Now the kids are officially back to school, why not treat them to something fun to read at home? Encouraging their literacy skills and an enjoyment of reading, magazines are a great way to get them excited away from a screen - plus their very own post to look forward to! Here are 3 magazine subscriptions for kids from Year 1 through to Year 6.

1. Year 1 - Year 3: Storytime magazine

Storytime magazine

Filled with the classic stories you knew and love as a child yourself as well as sparkly new stories to read and enjoy again and again, Storytime magazine inspires their creativity and imagination. Bursting with colourful illustrations, cute characters, great games and puzzles aplenty, it's brimming with great activities as well as fairytales, myths, fables and poems to devour. Storytime magazine is a great way to get kids reading in their free time, with plenty of stories before bed or on rainy afternoons. For the little ones, it's a fun way to try and encourage them to read along and actively engage with each story. An adventure with every issue!

2. Year 2 - Year 4: The Beano magazine

The Beano Magazine

Of our top magazine subscriptions for kids, this is the oldest - and most loved - by far. If your little monster loves giggles galore, it doesn't get better than The Beano. Sneakily getting kids to read in the name of naughtiness since 1938, this colourful comic is always full of jokes, pranks and silly antics, delighting generations of readers every week. Featuring gross misdemeanours from all your favourite characters - Dennis the Menace (and Gnasher of course), Roger the Dodger, Bananaman, Minnie the Minx, The Bash Street Kids, Billy Whizz and many more - kids are guaranteed pages of laughter with every weekly issue of Beano magazine.

3. Year 5 - Year 8: The Week Junior magazine

The Week Junior Magazine

The ideal read to get kids to discover the world around them (and not the world from an iPad screen), The Week Junior is a weekly exploration of current affairs and the news and views that matter. Covering big news, hot stories and tricky topics (with child-friendly explanations), it's an eye-opening read from cover to cover. With every weekly issue, they'll find snappy articles and features with amazing photos, as well as fun facts, cool quizzes and detailed debates. Promoting balanced content on the key topics of today as well as amazing news in nature, wildlife, space, science, education, culture, entertainment and more, you may just want to borrow a copy of The Week Junior yourself.

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