Instant Access: Top 10 Magazine Subscriptions You Can Read Now

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10 magazine subscriptions you can read now | you order a magazine subscription, it can take a little while to arrive - so what do you read in-between? Here at we've found the answer! Here are 10 magazine subscriptions you can read now with your first digital issue free to read on your computer, phone or tablet, at home or on the go. Don't say we don't spoil you.

  1. GoodHomesGoodHome magazine subscription |

    Why we love it: Filled with fabulous seasonal tips on interior design, find out the latest home trends with each monthly issue of GoodHomes! With your first issue free via digital download, you won't miss out on  the latest bargains from the high street as well as investment pieces guaranteed to up your interiors game. With a GoodHomes magazine subscription, you're guaranteed a gorgeous dose of colour, design and style every month.

    Don't miss: Super-simple DIYs you can create in an afternoon, star interviews (find out their top interior ideas for the season!) and garden ideas for a beautiful home inside and out.

  2. FourFourTwoFour Four Two magazine subscription |

    Why we love it: It's the ultimate football magazine for any footie fan. Championing the very best footballers and teams in the world, FourFourTwo spills the secrets inside each exclusive interview with the biggest names in the game! Don't forget to access your first issue (available online, on your phone or tablet and on your computer) to find out the latest whispers on transfers, changes in management, upcoming games and more!

    Don't miss: The latest talent spots tipped for big signings, amazing goals and past games plus football masterclasses from the experts to build your own ball skills!

  3. PsychologiesPsychologies magazine subscription |

    Why we love it: For smart women who want to feel fulfilled, Psychologies is a great monthly read filled with useful lifestyle features on every aspect of a happy life - career, relationships, health and fitness, home, style, mental health and more! We love the celebrity interviews with handy tips on finding your perfect balance - your first digital issue will make a great commute-buster.

    Don't miss: Expert tips on reaching your goals, purposeful travel with a difference and life lessons from experienced, successful women sharing the wisdom they live by.

  4. SagaSaga magazine subscription |

    Why we love it: A riveting read from start to finish, the pages of Saga are bursting with fantastic worthwhile content, with lighthearted reads next to hard-hitting stories and the Saga take on the latest in current affairs. An essential for the over 50s, you'll find amusing interviews with your favourite smart celebrities as well as the very best home, garden, travel and lifestyle tips. Devour your first issue on your iPad while you wait for the print version to land through the letterbox for a good read while you wait!

    Don't miss: Tip-offs on the top buys worth investing in, guides to keeping fit and healthy and exclusive offers just for readers of Saga!

  5. Men's Fitness & Women's Fitness

    1_1Why we love them: The ultimate fitness magazines for men and women who want to sculpt, shred and tone throughout the year, both Men's Fitness and Women's Fitness magazines are full of great ideas for keeping your mind and body their best, with lots of tips on smashing your goals as well as nutrition guides and helpful plans for maintaining a healthy outlook on all aspects of life. With your first issue available via digital download, your summer body is just a click away!

    Don't missDay, week and monthly plans to help you lose weight, build strength and stay in shape, diet hacks to see results fast and helpful tips on wellbeing - from sleep to stretching and everything in between!

  6. CoastCoast magazine subscription |

    Why we love it: A leisurely read as lovely as a stroll on the beach, Coast magazine is the ideal coastal lifestyle read for those living by the sea (or readers still saving up for the dream). Discover the latest must-have properties - with a seaside view of course - as well as the hottest up-and-coming locations, ideas for your next getaway and restaurant's the Coast team are raving about. You won't want to miss an issue, so a digital copy is definitely worth downloading - we can almost smell the sea from here.

    Don't miss: The latest events on land and sea, beachy interiors to keep the seaside spirit alive all year round and amazing wildlife facts and photography too.

  7. StuffStuff magazine subscription |

    What we love: Gadgets galore! Stuff magazine is well known and loved for having the lowdown on the very best tech in the business, rating and reviewing the hottest drops around. We're big fans of their famous 'top 10s' section, detailing the ten best in tech as well as essential buys for gadget geeks, FAQs on the lips of every tech-head, buying guides, quick hacks and more. Grab every bit of gadget guidance you can get with your free first digital issue!

    Don't miss: The mobile downloads you must try this month, comparisons on everything from the latest TVs to game consoles and the best apps around.

  8. What Car?What Car magazine subscription |

    What we love: If you're after a new car - or just window shopping for now - then What Car? magazine is the glossy for you. Filled with expert advice and insider tips on the latest and greatest automobiles from all the big car brands you love the most, you'll find a new perfect ride in every issue. Explore the buying guides to help you decide if you need a city hatchback or a roomy saloon and don't forget to download your first digital issue to help you find out what car is the car for  you!

    Don't miss: First drive tests from the What Car? team, articles on whether to buy now or hold off for something better and the best bargains to be had right now!

  9. Food Heaven

    Food Heaven magazine subscription | we love it: A real favourite with the foodies among the team, Food Heaven is a perfect mix of Baking Heaven and Cake Decorating Heaven with alternating issues from the two titles delivered to your door every month. Not only do you get two subscriptions for the price of one, your days will be filled with all the latest trends, tips and techniques to make your bakes and cakes the star of the show. With your first issue free via digital download, you'll have plenty to whip up in the kitchen while you wait by the door!

    Don't miss: Amazing real bakes from fellow readers, impressive techniques with step-by-step guides and beginner basics to help you get to grips with all things cake and bake!

  10. EvoEvo magazine subscription |

    Why we love it: If roaring engines and speed machines are just your cup of tea, you need to try Evo. This read is all about fast and furious rides with unbelievable stats - discover the supercars breaking records around the world, go behind the scenes at Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren and the ultimate performance tests from the Evo team! You won't miss a minute with your free digital issue (the perfect read between races during F1 season)!

    Don't miss: Road cars speed tested (for those not quite in the supercar pay bracket), the latest hot hatches we're excited about and ultimate buying guides for the boy racer.

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