The 10 Best Fashion Magazines

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The Best Fashion Magazines

The 10 Best Fashion Magazines

Style is a way to show who you are without having to speak, and fashion is much more than catwalks and photoshoots. It speaks to your individuality, represents how you want others to see you, and allows you to connect with others who like to take pride in their appearance. Fashion is an integral part of society, and it bookmarks our shared history with trends, themes, styles, and movements.

We understand your passion for fashion here at and implore you to explore our selection of the 10 Best Fashion Magazines. Whatever your style, budget, and goal, we have the perfect fashion magazine subscription for you.

Whether you're looking to learn more about the latest fashion trends, want some holiday outfits, or want to secure an entirely new wardrobe, we have a fashion magazine tailored to your needs and desires. Read on to find your favourite fashion-focused title.

1. Vogue

Vogue magazine cover

Iconic, influential, and inspirational, Vogue is valued as one of the best fashion magazines available on the market. Each monthly issue includes exclusive designs, insights from designers, and a detailed look into the predicted trends set to dazzle the fascinating fashion scene. Packed with glamorous models and exclusive interviews with stylish A-listers, Vogue is a one-stop shop for all of your fashion needs.  Whether you're a fashionista looking to keep up to date or simply want to dress your coffee table with an aesthetically appealing title that showcases your love for all things fashion, then a Vogue magazine subscription is perfect for you.

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2. Prima

Prima magazine cover

If you are a mature, modern woman - Prima features all the fashion inspiration you need to refresh your wardrobe and put a spring in your step. Highlighting what's affordable alongside what is current, this monthly released publication showcases what to buy on the high street or online without breaking your budget. Focused on more than just fashion, a Prima magazine subscription also gives you access to tried and tested tips on beauty, home ideas, cooking, crafting, entertaining, health & wellbeing and more.

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3. GQ

GQ magazine cover

Maybe you are a dapper Dan who delights in the finer details of fashion. Or perhaps you are buying for a stylish gentleman looking to grow his clothing collection? Whatever your styling goals, GQ is the go-to fashion magazine for all of your needs. This award-winning monthly magazine is sure to keep you informed with the latest male fashion trends and pairs current trends with insights into sport, entertainment, politics, technology, fitness and more. Created to help the modern man look good and live well - a GQ magazine subscription is the must-have fashion title for you or the clothes-savvy chap in your life.

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4. Red

Red magazine cover

For those of you who rejoice in style - Red is the fashion and lifestyle magazine that will help you look and feel great. Encouraging you to live your most fashionable life, this top fashion magazine includes style tips for all body shapes and sizes, plus guides on what styles are trending and what to wear in each and every season. Produced to spark positivity, a Red magazine subscription is a fun and affirming fashion magazine that focuses on helping you find the fashion that makes you tick.

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5. Cosmopolitan

ELLE Magazine

Created to give you the perfect confidence boost - Cosmopolitan keeps you up to date with the latest fashion trends whilst assisting you in other aspects of your day-to-day. If you are someone who likes to add a unique twist to your professional outfits or want to seek inspiration from celebrity stylings - then a Cosmopolitan magazine subscription can help you fuel your passion for fashion further. Released every other month, Cosmopolitan also offers relationship advice, beauty tips, career guidance, health tips and more to ensure you feel just as good on the inside as you look on the outside.

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6. Grazia

Grazia magazine cover

Are you a fashionista who continuously changes up your look? You may have always wanted to try bolder styles but have yet to make that initial leap of faith. If so, Grazia is the must-have fashion magazine for you. Pairing all the latest fashion trends with current beauty and make-up tips, this fashion & lifestyle title offers advice and guidance on how to make you feel more confident in how you look. Highlighting what's hot on the high street shelves and what's heading to the dizzying heights of the most prestigious catwalks - a Grazia magazine subscription is sure to equip you with all the fashion news and gossip you need every time a new issue arrives at your door.

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7. Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar magazine cover

Harper’s Bazaar is a fashion-first magazine that features the very best in contemporary fashion. Released ten times a year, this top fashion magazine is created to inspire you to opt for elegance when choosing your next professional or social outfit. Whether you are interested in the current clothing crazes or are interested in what stylistic choices await on the horizon - a Harper’s Bazaar magazine subscription ensures you are always up-to-date and the first to know with insights and advice on a variety of styles to suit every woman and every occasion.

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8. HELLO! Fashion

HELLO! Fashion magazine cover

Bringing you all the latest developments from the front line of fashion - HELLO! Fashion captures all the latest styles, trends, and designer pieces that are proving popular each season. Every other month, you can expect to be enthused and inspired by a fashion magazine that has its finger on the pulse of the beating heart of the fashion industry. Packed full of advice on how to revamp your wardrobe and what to opt for when shopping for specific special occasions, a HELLO! Fashion magazine subscription is sure to satisfy your fashion obsession.

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ELLE magazine cover

Proud to make runway fashion accessible for everyone - ELLE is the world’s largest fashion magazine that can assist you in looking fantastic. Catering to all budgets, ages, sizes, and style preferences, ELLE highlights what’s hot and what’s not so you can keep on trend and on track to constantly feeling fabulous. Whether you are looking to copy what's on the catwalk, or are hoping to hone in on what is happening on the high street, an ELLE magazine subscription is always at hand to help you find your fashion flourish.

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10. Tatler

Tatler magazine cover

Tying up the 10 Best Fashion Magazines Blog is Tatler. Founded in 1901, this glamorous fashion magazine has been highlighting the allure of high society and high-end fashion for over a century. Each monthly instalment showcases the most highly lauded items that sit at the summit of on-trend fashion. It takes an in-depth look at the designers that created them, the well-known personalities that wear them, and the cities in which they grace the catwalks. If you are fascinated by elite-level fashion and the lifestyle that goes with it - then a Tatler magazine subscription is perfect for you.

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If you have a deep-rooted passion for fashion, are keen to make a change to your everyday wardrobe, or simply want to learn what styles are on trend - a subscription to one of our 10 Best Fashion Magazines is sure to help you look and feel great. If none of the titles listed in this blog take your fancy, head over to our fashion magazines section and browse for one better suited to your specific needs.