The 5 Best Architecture Magazines

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the 5 best architecture magazines The 5 Best Architecture Magazines

Whether you’re a budding architect or you appreciate the fine design of a well-built home, then you’ll love our guide to the 5 best architecture magazines.


1. SelfBuild and Design

Selfbuild & Design Magazine

If you’re designing, building or renovating, a SelfBuild and Design magazine will be your go-to resource. Helping you through every step of the way, from developing the plans to building the structure, your dream home will be in your sight in no time.

Brimming with incredible guides on extending, converting and completely changing the design of your property, you’ll be ready to get started with your self-build project. From charming cottages to dreamy beach getaways, SelfBuild and Design magazine has everything you need to know to get started on your next house build project. 


2. Icon

Icon Magazine

For anyone engrossed in design, Icon magazine focuses on innovative technology, impressive cityscapes, interesting building designs and much more. Packed with thoughtful critiques on the latest works and profound commentary that any design fanatic will enjoy, Icon is tailored to fit any architects styles and interests.

Putting the world of design into writing, you’ll be immersed in the fascinating interviews with re-known designers and architects as well as the must-visit events to surround yourself by creativity. If you’re looking for a magazine that has both new design trends and unique designers, then look no further than an Icon magazine subscription. 


3. Grand Designs

Grand Designs Magazine

Following the enormous success of the TV series, Grand Designs is overflowing with contemporary interiors and modern homes. You’ll discover DIY projects that are achievable as well as expert advice on renovating your home to add a room or two. Be inspired by real homes, in every issue of Grand Designs magazine; there’s plenty of ideas for renovating your kitchen, bathroom, living space and much more.

Whether you’re after the latest trends or you’re planning a full-scale renovation project, explore the budget-friendly guides as well as the expert advice on making your home eco-friendly. Treat your home to a Grand Designs magazine subscription today. 


4. Homebuilding & Renovating

Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine

For those starting a self-build or home improvement project, Homebuilding & Renovating magazine is the go-to guide brimming with expert advice. Helping you complete your home renovation on time and within budget, you’ll discover helpful articles on finding land, designing the plans, choosing architects and selecting materials - there’s everything you need to make your project a success.

Whether you’re looking to extend your home or build from the foundations up, Homebuilding & Renovating magazine is full of inspiring examples of real home renovation projects, from contemporary self-builds to energy-efficient homes.


5. Building Design

Building Design Magazine

Bringing you the latest in architectural news from around the UK, Building Design has coverage of the latest planning permissions, revealing stories, reviews on the freshest builds and insider knowledge from experts. Discover the most notable buildings, designed by today’s most intriguing architects as well as interviews from the finest minds in the industry inside every issue of Building Design magazine. 


Get your planning permissions at the ready and pick up one of our 5 best architecture magazines, or why not check out our entire range of home & garden magazine subscriptions?



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