The 5 Best Architecture Magazines

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the 5 best architecture magazines The 5 Best Architecture Magazines

Architecture is the conception of a practical, purposeful, and personable design idea. Architects are tasked with creating establishments that build on the past, represent the present, and hold strong for the future.

The beauty of buildings is all around us, and it is important to stop and take note of the impressive feats of the human-made structures that surround us as a society.

Architecture is everywhere, and whether you are an established architect, are studying to become one, want to improve your living quarters, or simply appreciate the fine design of homes - we have a range of architect magazines that can help you develop your love and understanding of structural design.

In this blog, we will be detailing the Five Best Architecture Magazines that are sure to build on what you love most about the fascinating world of architecture. Read on to learn more and choose the perfect architecture magazine subscription for you.

1. Grand Designs

Grand Designs magazine

Created to accompany the hugely popular Channel 4 and More4 television show - Grand Designs highlights impressive home architecture in a bid to help you realise your dream home ambitions. Each monthly instalment provides information and inspiration that can assist you in building, renovating, or improving your home and gives you a more detailed look into the structures and extension possibilities of all kinds of properties.

Offering a combination of real home insights, the latest design ideas, kitchen and bathroom planning advice and much more - Grand Designs guides you at every stage of your design and build process. With expert advice from across the architecture and homebuilding industry, a Grand Designs magazine subscription supplies you with all the tools you need to enhance your personal architecture ambitions.

2. Build It

Build It magazine

Encouraging aspiring architects with a magazine that caters to all experience levels - Build It stays true to its title by helping you build the homes, conversions, and extensions you desire. This top architecture magazine is always at hand to help you progress your passion for building, rescue your renovation project, and teach you the techniques needed to take your architectural abilities up a notch.

Released monthly, Build It is packed to the rafters with practical advice and helpful guidance that can steer you towards successfully executing whatever self-build project you wish to undertake. Whether you are eager to evolve your home with an extension, lift your value with a loft conversion, or refresh your property with repairs - a Build It magazine subscription gives you a foundation of design ideas and instructions that you can build upon.

3. Homebuilding & Renovating

Homebuilding and Renovating  magazine

Are you an amateur architect wanting to stamp your personality on a home? If so - Homebuilding & Renovating is the must-have architecture magazine for you. Packed to the brim with advice, guidance, opinions, and tutorials, every monthly edition can help you with your next home improvement project. Whatever the task, whatever your budget, and whatever the time frame, Homebuilding & Renovating is always at hand with an abundance of architecture advice and building do’s and don'ts to ensure self-build success.

Proud to offer a comprehensive guide to all facets of home improvement, this top architecture title is now also delivered in an innovative paper-wrap format which is plastic-free and easily recyclable. Friendly to the environment and featuring everything you need to succeed - a Homebuilding & Renovating magazine subscription gives you monthly access to Britain’s best-selling self-build title that can turn your architectural dreams into a reality.

4. The World Of Interiors

The World of Interiors magazine

As crucial as structural design is to architecture - you can never underestimate the impact a well-designed interior has on a building's personality. The World Of Interiors features all of the latest trends to ensure that the inside of your home is just as impressive as the outside.

Each monthly issue traverses the globe to showcase the most stylistic designs from all corners of the earth and features an eye-opening architecture section that looks at some of the most impressive buildings from home and further afield. Giving you access to some of the world’s most beautifully decorated properties, restaurants, offices, places of worship, and more - The World Of Interiors magazine subscription offers interior inspiration alongside architectural admiration every time a new issue lands through your letterbox.

5. Building Design

Rounding up our five best architecture magazines blog - we have Building Design. Bringing you all of the latest architectural news from around the UK, this educational title offers essential reading to established architects and architecture students alike. Each instalment of Building Design gives you unrivalled access to insider knowledge, breaking news, and reviews of the latest buildings from around the world to ensure that you are always in the loop when it comes to architectural developments.

Proud to provide you with a wealth of knowledge and practical advice - a Building Design magazine subscription is sure to keep you up-to-date with the key issues affecting the practice and profession of architecture. If you are an architect looking to build on your reputation or a student hoping to develop your understanding - this is the perfect architecture publication for you.

Whether you are a professional, an aspiring architect, or want to learn more about structure, design, and how to improve your home - a subscription to one of our five best architecture magazines is sure to equip you with all the tools you need to advance your architectural ambitions. For more inspiration, check out the other titles in our home and garden section.