The 5 Best Boats & Sailing Magazines

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The 5 best boats and sailing magazinesThe 5 Best Boats & Sailing Magazines

Sailing along the deep blue sea, cruising through charming canals or boating around the lake - there’s nothing quite as liberating as life on the water. Whether you’re a sailor at heart or simply love to ride those waves, here at we have the 5 best boats and sailing magazines to keep you abreast of all that is nautical. 

Learn how to navigate your way through choppy waters or discover which gear and gadgets are essential for all your sailing expeditions. Whether you’re the captain or the passenger, we have the perfect guides to help you get sailing and boat savvy.

So if you love to catch the wind in your sails and float across the deep blue sea, then discover our carefully curated list of the 5 best boats and sailing magazines today - anchors away! 

1. Sailing Today

Sailing Today - the 5 best boats & sailing magazines

To the British Isles, across the Channel and beyond! Sailing Today is the first choice magazine for passionate sailors and cruising enthusiasts alike. Sailing Today covers all the major aspects of sailing in each and every issue. It is full of expert assessments of the latest sailing equipment you’ll want to get your hands on, interviews with cruising enthusiasts and the perfect balance of essential sailing information and practical advice. You’ll have everything you need to set sail in confidence and enjoy the open waters with ease.

2. Practical Boat Owner

the 5 best boats & sailing magazines - practical boat owner

Life on the water has never been more thrilling than with a Practical Boat Owner magazine at your side. Whether you’re in the market for a new boat or you’re looking for advice on how to stay afloat in adverse weather conditions, Practical Boat Owner magazine gives you access to all the tips, tricks and guidelines you need to know about. Discover some of the best gear and gadgets for life on the water, the latest boating news or upcoming events, legal tips for boat safety, plus a detailed glossary of all those boating terms you’re desperate to know the true meaning of! Keep your boat in ship shape with a Practical Boat Owner magazine and become the expert sailor you’ve always wanted to be.

3. Yachting Monthly

the 5 best boats & sailing magazines - yachting monthly

Ahoy sailors! Are you ready to maximise your enjoyment of cruising out on those clear blue waters? Whether you’re an active sailor or hold a deep interest in the British yachting community, Yachting Monthly magazine is a must-read for you! Every article, review or story is written by passionate sailors and avid yachters, so you can take it all in from the experts themselves. You’ll find an entertaining mix of informative features, practical advice for every yachtsman and sailor, inspiring real-life yachting stories and reviews on all the latest must-have nautical equipment. With stunning photography to take you through each and every page, you’ll be inspired to explore waters beyond your comfort zone and truly make the most out of your yachting life.

4. Powerboat and RIB

the 5 best boats & sailing magazines - powerboat and RIB

Fast, furious and the ultimate wave rider! Get up to speed on your favourite water cruisers with a Powerboat and RIB magazine subscription. Discover where to sail next with in-depth articles and awe-inspiring photography in every issue, plus don’t miss out on all the useful tips and hints to help you make a worthwhile purchase as new boat owner or how to maintain or repair your existing RIB or powerboat. The great waters await - but first make sure you are fully informed of what you can expect as an owner with a Powerboat and RIB magazine. 

5. Classic Boat

the 5 best boats & sailing magazines - Classic Boat

Indulge your favourite pastime with a Classic Boat magazine subscription. Where deep within its pages you’ll find some of the world’s most beautiful classic boats and interesting articles featuring maritime history throughout the years. It is the perfect read for any passionate sailor or those who have a deep interest in classically designed boats. Whether it’s an informative guide to help you get the most out of your classic boat or free features on different boat races around the world, Classic Boat magazine is just the handy read you need. Community news, gossip and important maritime events - don’t miss out on all the hottest classic boat topics! Get your subscription to Classic Boat magazine and create your very own sailing stories today.

Where will the waves take you next? If you’re looking to invest in life out on the deep blue sea, why not start with a super informative guide? Prepare yourself for the waters ahead with one our boats and sailing magazines here at!