The 5 Best Golf Magazines

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the 5 best golf magazinesThe 5 Best Golf Magazines

Out on the vast green course, players are found suited up in the latest breathable polos, calling out “fore” where necessary and making their mark from one hole to the next. Wind speed and direction, ball placement, slopes and careful aiming are all taken into great consideration before one rapid swing is performed. 

Through much time and analysis, the swing is over in seconds and the fate of the tiny white dimpled ball keeps spectators on the edge of their seats. Will it be a hole-in-one? Or will there be one-too-many shots over par? Thrilling, unpredictable and focus-driven is what the world of golf is all about.

Need help perfecting that back-swing? On the hunt for a new set of clubs? With our 5 best golf magazines you’ll find an array of tips to improve your game, information on upcoming tournaments, reviews on the latest gear and much more!

So go on and indulge your passion for golf today with the 5 best golf magazines here at!


1. Golf Monthly

Golf monthly magazine

Take a sneak peek into the sparkling careers of your favourite golfers, explore the highs and lows of playing golf at a professional level or discover the latest golfing gear and equipment for yourself - whatever you need to know about your favourite sport, you’ll find it within Golf Monthly. Enjoy seasonal features in every monthly issue, including topics of how to deal with fussy winds or changes in terrain. Looking for the perfect golfing getaway? Golf Monthly offers great monthly suggestions of amazing golf resorts to visit abroad - so you can sun and sport all in one relaxing holiday. Improve your game and fuel your golfing passion with the one and only Golf Monthly magazine.


2. Women & Golf

the 5 best golf magazines - women & golf

As the best-loved golfing title for women across the UK, Women & Golf magazine brings you everything from the latest golf fashions to tips and guides for improving your swing. Join a fabulous community of fellow female golfers who love nothing more than swinging their clubs and hitting a birdie. Discover amazing golf resorts around the world that combine your  favourite sport alongside the most luxurious and relaxing spas. Plus, gain access to helpful hints and tips, news and updates from the world of golf and lifestyle features. Women & Golf magazine is a true treat to yourself - so why not feed your passion with the sport you know and love?


3. Golf World

golf world magazine

Enter Golf World magazine - where features of expert tips for working on your swing, interviews with iconic professionals and the latest news from tournaments are being shouted about in every issue. Learn which new gear is worth investing in or skipping out on, be entertained by a series of player profiles and be inspired by great tips and tricks for improving your golfing techniques. Whether you enjoy spending a Sunday at the range or love following along the careers of your favourite golfers, Golf World has something to satisfy all of your golf interests. With a magazine subscription, you’ll never miss an issue and you’ll be fully immersed in the world of golf.


4. National Club Golfer

the 5 best golf magazines - national club golfer

Do you take your swing seriously? If so, then you simply can’t go wrong with National Club Golfer magazine. It is the ultimate golfing bible that covers all UK, international, amateur and professional golf. If you’re looking to improve every aspect of your game, then National Club Golfer is the magazine for you. You’ll find the best tips and advice for the basics of golf, as well as tricks better suited to intermediate and advanced players. Plus, you can expect to read about caddy etiquette, international rules and clubs to join across the UK, Europe and internationally. Your chance to discover celebrity golfer interviews, reports on tournaments and the latest gear can be found within every issue of National Club Golfer magazine.


5. Lady Golfer

the 5 best golf magazines - lady golfer

For the ladies who are serious about their swing and are passionate about all aspects of golf, Lady Golfer offers the perfect monthly insight into being a woman in the game of golf. Discover what is trending in the latest golf fashions or great fitness tips to keep you motivated throughout the game. Find features full of handy advice on improving your overall game and how to conquer that course every time. Be inspired by the professionals - the famous females who have lived all the highs and lows of the game. Learn something new about the sport you love every month with a subscription to Lady Golfer magazine.  


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