The Top 3 Horse Racing Magazines

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the top 3 horse racing magazinesThe Top 3  Horse Racing Magazines

It is the scientific sport that brings together the spectators, the racers, the dapper and the chic. It is a true gamblers game and one that has paved its way through history - it is as we know it to be, the cultural exercise of horse racing. 

Competitive rider, recreational hobby or an avid goer of derby days, there is a magazine to feed your horse racing passion here at If you like to suit up and play your best odds or race to the finish on your trusty horseback, then we have just the read to excite all of your equestrian needs with our top 3 horse racing magazines.

Be inspired, entertained and gain full access to the equestrian world with these top 3 horse racing magazines.

1. Racing Ahead

Racing Ahead magazine

Discover who will be the first to gallop to the finish with Britain’s biggest and best selling horse racing magazine - Racing Ahead. It is your most trusted guide to staying ahead of the competition - providing you with exclusive access to insider information on all of the greatest horse races you want to know about. With a magazine subscription, you can receive essential updates for the forthcoming horse racing seasons, top racing tips, exclusive interviews with major icons of the sport and access to archives stretching back over the last decade - all right at your fingertips! Take a step back in time with features that outline the glory years of horse racing and leap forward to profiles of today’s winners and those horses who have a bright future in racing. Read it all and explore the complete, 60+ page colourful guide to horse racing in the UK and Ireland with a subscription to Racing Ahead magazine.    

2. Horse & Hound

Horse & Hound magazine

From world championship exclusives to trusted buyers’ guides, Horse & Hound magazine has proudly earned its recognition as the UK’s top weekly equestrian bible. Delve into the equestrian world with 130+ pages of upcoming events, expert advice, commentaries and interviews with top riders, trainers, jockeys and other leading names in the horse riding community. Horse and Hound magazine gives you a full and detailed insight into equestrian living - from horse care and improving your riding to gorgeous photography and in-depth news and events coverage. Never miss a beat of the sport you adore with a Horse and Hound magazine.

3. Horse and Rider 

Horse and Rider magazine

Discover your perfect stride and learn how to get the most from your horse with Horse and Rider magazine. It takes two to tango - which is why Horse and Rider is the magazine you can rely on for the latest breakthroughs in veterinary research, insight into equine behaviour, the best tips and advice for rider techniques and much more! Revolutionise your riding with  trustworthy advice and exercise suggestions from trainers such as Carl Hester and Mary King. Whether you’re a beginner or an established rider, Horse and Rider magazine provides you with enough depth and valuable information you can rely on throughout your horse riding career. Learn to enjoy your time with your beloved horse and how the two of you can become the ultimate team. Plus, never miss out on an issue of Horse and Rider, as each monthly magazine contains special offers where you can win some amazing prizes! Subscribe and reap the benefits of receiving your issue of Horse and Rider magazine directly to your door every four weeks.  

Racing, eventing or learning how to care for your horse, here at we have a selection of equestrian magazines to keep you informed and entertained all year long.