The 5 Best Outdoor Fitness Magazines

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the 5 best outdoor fitness magazineThe 5 Best Outdoor Fitness Magazines

Biking up steep hills, swimming breaststroke across clear and calm waters or jogging along roads unknown - the great outdoors is a palatial playground for physical activities. Nature welcomes all - run, ride or row, you can work on your fitness wherever you may go. Nothing beats a gallon of fresh air, pleasant views and the soothing sounds of nature to accompany an action-packed workout. Stepping outside the confined spaces of a gym can take your fitness, health and motivation to a whole new level - open the doors and open your mind, the fresh air awaits! 

Whether you’re a climber, a runner or a swimmer, we have the 5 best outdoor fitness magazines to keep you motivated and inspired through every workout. Your fitness routine is about to get a whole lot more adventurous, exciting and worthwhile.

Discover your ideal outdoor fitness guide to help you maximise your exercise and get the most out of every workout.

1. Outdoor Swimmer

outdoor swimmer- 5 best outdoor fitness magazines

Front stroke, backstroke and fancy diving too, swimming is a fun and thrilling exercise that anyone can do. As much as we enjoy a casual dip in the pool on holiday, the physical activity of swimming can actually offer you an abundance of health benefits. Swimming is one of the best forms of fitness you can practice, as it targets your entire body and massively improves your cardio. Outdoor Swimmer magazine is the perfect source for swimmers of all levels who are interested in going beyond the boundaries of a pool. Outdoor Swimmer is your trusty guide when it comes to finding out where and how to swim outdoors - whether it’s your local lake, river, seaside or within the crystal clear waters of the ocean on holiday, you’ll find the best tips, hints and places to go for a wild swim. Dive into a whole new world of natural, wild and exhilarating experiences today with an Outdoor Swimmer.

2. Outdoor Fitness

outdoor fitness- The 5 best outdoor fitness magazines

Build your stamina and strength with a bit of fresh air and nature at your surroundings. Outdoor Fitness magazine is the guide that will get you skipping out the door and ready to shake up your workout routine. Get fit and have fun while you enjoy a bit of sun, Outdoor Fitness magazine gives you the ins and outs of taking your workout beyond the walls and where the best places are to do so. Hike, climb, bike or swim, nature welcomes it all - a change of scenery will soothe your soul, open your mind and take you further than a treadmill machine ever could. Lace up your trainers and discover a fitness world beyond the gym.

3. Trail

Trail- The 5 best outdoor fitness magazines

Thrilling views and beaten shoes - the tell-tale signs of a successful hike. If your idea of exercising involves trekking through muddy trails, marching up steep hills and taking a water break from the peak of a mountain top, then Trail magazine is just the companion you need. Trail magazine is full of everything you need and want to know about the great outdoors - stories, events, news, advice and reviews, you’ll be prepared for any trail. With maps and step-by-step directions of exciting routes to explore, you’ll never feel worried or stressed about finding your way. Hiking brings adventure, discovery and helps to fully clear the mind - can you think of a better way to work on your fitness?   

4. Climber

climber- The 5 best outdoor fitness magazines

Are you as slick as Spiderman? Or perhaps you’re looking for a new fitness thrill? Climber magazine caters to those who have a curiosity for reaching the peak of the mountain with only two solid arms, a strong core and stable legs. Climber magazine is suitable for climbers of all levels - with in-depth training guides, reviews on the latest gear, news and interviews with impressive long-time climbers, every climber will feel motivated to go all the way to the top. Discover some of the best courses and routes to try for your next climb, as well as foolproof ways to keep physically fit and improve your endurance and strength.    

5. Mountain Bike Rider (MBR)

mountain-bike-rider - The 5 best outdoor fitness magazines

Opting for the path less travelled can often have its perks, especially for an avid mountain bike rider. Narrow trails, mountain, coast or forest, Mountain Bike Rider magazine gives you everything you need to know about adventurous dirt tracks. With an abundance of tips, tricks and skills to learn from expert riders, MBR magazine will you have you fully ready and feeling confident to catch some air. Discover the newest and best bikes on the market to ride, as well as the tracks and trails to explore - if you dare! Whether it’s a hobby, profession or you’re simply a fan of the sport, MBR has plenty to keep all readers entertained and always informed.

It’s time to combine fitness with adventure and take advantage of the great outdoors! Discover a new workout experience today with our range of health and fitness magazines.