The 5 Best Motorsport Magazines

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the 5 best motorsport magazinesThe 5 Best Motorsport Magazines

It is simply all about the thrill - the roaring engines, awe-inspiring overtakes, and the extreme need for speed - the sport of motor racing brings together a community of the fast, the furious and the fearless.

It is an exhilarating sport, pushing man and machine to the limit,  where sports cars and Formula 1 racers get to leave it all out on the race track. From rally and stock car to F1 and touring car, raw racing spirit and technological boundaries are pushed in a mighty fight to the finish line.

So whether you’re an aspiring racer or a super enthusiast of the sport, here at, we have the 5 best motorsport magazines to keep you at the forefront of all the action in the world of motor racing.

1. F1 Racing

the 5 best motorsport magazines


Here to keep Formula 1 fans revved up all year round, is the ultimate F1 magazine, F1 Racing. From in-depth race reports to the most dramatic and victorious moments of the racing season, F1 Racing keeps you up-to-date on all the latest news and developments from the world of Formula 1. With a monthly subscription, you’ll gain full access to all the behind-the-scenes information on engineering details within different teams, race car developments and interviews with your favourite drivers. Never miss out on all the action with an F1 Racing magazine subscription - get the need-for-speed features, reports, rumours and sports news you want to know about in every issue.

2. Motor Sport

the 5 best motorsport magazines


From sports cars and historic motorsport to Formula 1 and MotoGP, Motor Sport magazine covers it all! Each monthly issue is packed full of exciting features covering both men and women of F1, Grand Prix and MotoGP, plus the engines and teams you want to know all about. The team behind Motor Sport magazine are true and genuine enthusiasts of the sport who are always at the front line of all things motor racing - ready to deliver the very best to you every month. Discover beautiful photography, insightful features, behind-the-scenes interviews and much more! Since it was founded in 1924, Motor Sport magazine has maintained a loyal and enthusiastic following - as they always give their readers the most current and up-to-date action from the world of motorsport!  

 3. Autosport

the 5 best motorsport magazines


Stay on track with everything that's going on in the world of motor racing, with a weekly magazine subscription to Autosport. Bringing you the hottest news, analysis and commentary from Formula 1, Touring Cars, Indycar or Le Mans, Autosport magazine is the informative weekly read you need. Each week, enjoy profiles of your favourite drivers, race reviews and post-race analysis - including details of any incidents or interesting statistics. So if you’re a motorsport enthusiast or an aspiring racer, why not get your weekly fix of all things motorsport with a subscription to Autosport magazine today?

4. Evo

the 5 best motorsport magazines


Bringing the thrill of driving to petrol heads everywhere since 1998 is the one and only Evo magazine! Looking for a new set of hot wheels so you can live your life in the fast lane? With a subscription to Evo, you’ll find a range of the fastest and the latest supercars to gawk at in every issue. Discover 180 colourful pages packed full of current supercar news, expert monthly columns from professional racers, the most anticipated super cars and accessories, buying guides for the most desirable second-hand models and much more! Get your monthly fix of the world’s fastest automobiles from the world of motor racing today with a subscription to Evo magazine.      

5. Fast Car

the 5 best motorsport magazines


Curious about the finest modified motors that are being produced today? Or perhaps the latest developments in the motor racing scene? Fulfil your endless curiosities with a subscription to Fast Car magazine. Since 1987, Fast Car has been the leading source for car and motoring culture from around the world and has maintained a loyal readership of genuine car and motorsport enthusiasts. With 100+ pages full of unique features, advice for your own cars and all the wonderful happenings in car culture, Fast Car magazine simply never disappoints!

Passionate about motorsport? Why not satisfy your need for speed with a motorsport magazine subscription today? Browse our wide range of motor racing magazines and live life in the fast lane!