The 5 Best Watersports Magazines

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The 5 Best Watersports MagazinesThe 5 Best Watersports Magazines

Cruising across wide open waters, diving deep below the great blue sea, or swimming front crawl through the waves of the ocean - there are endless sports and activities that the aquatic world has to offer.   

Are you on the hunt for those diving hot spots around the globe? Or perhaps you’re getting ready for your next big sailing quest? Wherever the water takes you, it’s important to be fully prepared and geared up for whatever your wet and wild adventure has in store!

Be inspired by personal experiences, read up on the latest reviews, learn from expert advice and stay abreast of any new equipment or gear that has hit the market. Take the plunge and start exploring life on the water today with our 5 best watersports magazines.

1. Diver

The 5 Best Watersports Magazines


There’s an entire underwater world to explore with DIVER magazine. As Britain’s best-selling scuba diving magazine, you’ll find coverage on every aspect of diving - from training and the latest gear to popular diving holiday destinations and underwater photography. For over more than four decades, DIVER magazine has been the expert and number one authority on reporting the latest news, features, opinions and real-life stories that matter most to all scuba divers. Sting-rays, sharks, schools of fascinating fish or colourful coral reefs, DIVER magazine brings you one step closer to discovering life beneath the deep blue sea. So whether you’re an avid diver yourself or simply interested in the watersport, DIVER magazine keeps you well-informed and abreast of everything you’d want to know from the world of scuba diving. 

2. Sailing Today

The 5 Best Watersports Magazines


Cruise away in confidence with a subscription to Sailing Today magazine. Take on the open waters with ease with the essential monthly read that’s packed full of features including used boat tests, assessments of the latest equipment, interviews with cruising enthusiasts and much more! You’ll find practical and insightful articles as well as expert information to help you get the very best out of your best-loved watersport. Whether it’s sailing around the British Isles or navigating your way across the Channel or further, Sailing Today gives you the perfect balance of advice and guidance, entertaining articles and all the latest news from the sailing world. Take your love of sailing to the next level with a subscription to Sailing Today magazine.

3. Motor Boat & Yachting

The 5 Best Watersports Magazines


Bouncing over choppy waves at thrilling speeds, or cruising calmly along vast bodies of water, Motor Boat & Yachting magazine brings you everything you want to know about life on the water. As the widely respected boating magazine, Motor Boat & Yachting is dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive coverage including expert sailing and boating advice, reliable reviews of the latest gear and equipment, motorboat technological developments and advances, breathtaking photography and much more. For over 100 years, Motor Boat & Yachting has remained the most respected and number one reference in the motorboating world - which is why you simply cannot go wrong! Indulge your passion for motorboating and yachting today with a subscription to Motor Boat & Yachting magazine.      

4. Scuba Diver

The 5 Best Watersports Magazines


Do you often catch yourself dreaming of the fascinating world that lives below the depths of the ocean? Or perhaps you love nothing more than to swim amongst amazing aquatic creatures? Scuba Diver magazine is just the read you need to fulfil all your underwater dreams! Whether you’re a complete beginner or a professional diver, Scuba Diver caters to all levels of experience and prepares you for the world beneath the water. Enjoy in-depth articles alongside breath-taking photography of gorgeous coral reefs, colourful fish and enchanting discoveries. Each issue will not only help you to plan your next diving trip but also, highlight safety procedures and top-notch gear you’ll want to know about before every dive. Whether you’re a passionate diver or interested in the watersport, Scuba Diver magazine provides you with endless tips, advice and any major news that is worth knowing about scuba diving.   

5. Outdoor Swimmer

The 5 Best Watersports Magazines


Ocean, sea, lake, or channel, Outdoor Swimmer magazine prepares you for any body of water. Whether your legs can power through the water like a super fin or you’re currently working to perfect that backstroke, Outdoor Swimmer provides you with endless training tips, swimming news, insightful features and even a super list of recommended places for wild swimming - both in the UK and overseas. Join a thriving community of swimmers and dive into a world of exhilarating swimming experiences today with a subscription to Outdoor Swimmer magazine.   

Make the most out of life on the water - whether you’re swimming, sailing or diving! Browse our fantastic range of watersports magazine subscriptions today and maximise every wet and wild experience.



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