The 5 Best Train Magazines

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the 5 best train magazinesThe 5 Best Train Magazines

You can hear the engines roar as it chugs swiftly down the track, you can sit and observe a series of flickering views through its grand window glass, and you can hop on or off whenever you see fit - the possibilities are simply endless with these locomotive beasts.

Whether it’s travelling to countries far and wide or enduring the daily commute, trains offer us a brilliant means of transportation, as well as an opportunity for adventure. They are fascinating in their structure, history and their continuous development, which is why here at, we have the 5 best train magazines to keep you up to speed on all your favourite steam engines and iron horses.

Celebrate your love for locomotive and discover everything you need to know about the great railway and more with a fantastic train magazine subscription today.

1. The Railway

the 5 best train magazines - the railway

Turn back time with the historic bestselling train title since 1897, and explore a world of iconic steam engines in each monthly issue. The Railway magazine delivers you a monthly dose of incredible rail history and news, including fascinating features on iconic locomotives such as the Flying Scotsman and the Orient Express. If you love to read about classic, vintage and heritage steam engines, then The Railway magazine is the perfect read for you. Each issue is packed full with incredible photography and in-depth reviews of engineering throughout history. Plus, you’ll also receive the latest updates in modern rail - from developments on electric trains and inter-city links to news on technology that is affecting both the UK and worldwide rail services. It’s a fascinating, entertaining and informative read every time!          

2. Heritage Railway

the 5 best train magazines - heritage railway

Join a community of like-minded individuals who love to keep the spirit of old-fashioned rail travel alive with Heritage Railway magazine. Bursting with history, line updates, beautiful photography, restorations, in-depth knowledge from rail experts and much more - each monthly issue is sure to keep you up-to-date on everything you need and want to know about steam trains across the UK. Each monthly issue will take you back in time to explore historic stations and railway lines, as well as share detailed plans for new work and builds in the rail industry. Indulge your love of steam trains every month with a subscription to Heritage Railway.  

3. Rail Express

the 5 best train magazines - rail express

From coverage on the London Underground to fantastic photographs of traction in action, Rail Express magazine is the essential monthly read for rail enthusiasts. Stay on track with all the latest news and updates from Britain’s railway network including coverage of mainline movements, shunters, coaches, preservation, rail-tours and much more. Whether it’s looking to the future of rail, the latest headline news or the Time Traveller column, Rail Express offers a well-rounded mix of rail information and entertainment in every issue. Read through wonderful rail stories, as well as developments from the Irish network - never miss a beat of life on the track with a subscription to Rail Express magazine.          

4. Modern Railways

the 5 best train magazines - modern railways

For over 50 years and counting, Modern Railways magazine has successfully earned its reputation as the most highly respected railway journal. Each monthly issue covers all aspects of the industry that you’re curious about, including infrastructure management, rolling stock, signalling, traction and much more. You’ll find endless news, views and analysis on today’s fabulous modern railways, making it the ideal read for either industry professionals or simply, railway enthusiasts. Modern Railways keeps you fully informed with detailed and fascinating articles, informative features, and special edition issues throughout the year. With a subscription, you’ll never miss out on the latest with each issue delivered directly to your door.     

5. Steam Days

the 5 best train magazines - steam days

Bask in a monthly slice of ‘The Days of Steam’ with the one and only Steam Days magazine. Bringing the glory days of steam to life in each monthly read, Steam Days is an essential read for those interested in or fascinated by railway history. With beautiful pictures in both black and white and colour, alongside informative articles, Steam Days creates a clear and complete picture of what it was like to work and to travel on Britain’s steam railways throughout history. From rare archived documents to rail network news, Steam Days is the UK’s leading steam heritage magazine that always delivers an incredible piece of history in every read.

Fascinated by the history of the railway? Looking for the latest developments in trains and transport? Here at, we have a grand selection of trains, railways and buses magazines to keep you entertained and informed all year round. 



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