The 5 Best Equestrian Magazines

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The Best Equestrian Magazines

The 5 Best Equestrian Magazines

Whether you’re a horse lover, rider, or jockey - saddle up and take the reins with an equestrian magazine subscription from today.

If you’re looking for advice on choosing the best horse for you, are a breeder interested in tips on successful horse rearing, or simply want veterinary advice to ensure your horse is getting the nutrients and supplements they need - an equestrian magazine from contains all the information, tips and advice you need.

As well as stunning, high-quality horse photography in every issue, you can typically expect in-depth products reviews covering everything from the latest stirrups on the market to where to buy the best blinders. Enjoy expert tips on caring for your horse, plus information on training, riding, bridleways and stable management inside the pages of a horse magazine.

An equestrian magazine subscription is a one-stop shop for any keen horse rider, whether professional or just getting started, to indulge their favourite hobby and learn a thing or two along the way to become a better rider, groomer, or hobbyist.

So, let’s see which are the best 5 equestrian magazines jockeying for your attention here at


1. Horse & Hound

Horse & Hound Magazine

Whether you ride regularly or are the proud owner of your very own horse, Horse & Hound is considered the weekly bible for every type of equestrian enthusiast. Covering everything you need to know about the equestrian world, from horse care and nutrition to upcoming events and polo, Horse & Hound delivers informative features in every issue. Each month, you can expect commentaries and interviews with top riders, trainers and jockeys to learn more about their riding experiences and their best tips on horse management.

What’s more, with an extensive classified section, Horse & Hound is perfect for those looking to buy and sell horses as well. With the latest jobs and properties for sale too, Horse & Hound is the one-stop shop for all of your equestrian needs.


2. Racing Ahead

Racing Ahead Magazine

Calling all of Britain’s jockeys! Racing Ahead magazine is the ultimate horse racing guide for any true horse racing enthusiast. As the biggest and best-selling horse racing magazine in the UK and Ireland, you can expect the latest and most vital information in each issue to get you prepared for the forthcoming race season.

Enjoy in-depth interviews with your favourite jockeys and dive into the archives for nostalgic features on the best racehorses from times gone by. What’s more, each issue of Racing Ahead magazine is packed full of insider information from expert tipsters to keep you abreast of the latest competition in the fascinating world of horse racing. If you’re looking for the best odds, the latest meetings, the most informative racecourse reviews and key insights from the best in the business, subscribe to Racing Ahead magazine today.


3. Your Horse

Your Horse Magazine

Feed your passion for horses month after month by subscribing to Your Horse magazine. With each issue packed full of tips for improving your confidence while riding and developing a strong relationship with your four-legged friend, Your Horse magazine is perfect for experienced riders and beginners alike.

Expect to find expert reviews on the latest horse gear to help you kit yourself out with the best equipment at the best price, plus enjoy grooming and nutritional tips to ensure your horse is a happy horse. As the headline sponsor of one of the UK’s biggest horse events - Your Horse Live - Your Horse magazine is a publication that any horse-enthusiast can trust.


4. Horse & Rider

Horse and Rider Magazine

Make sure your horse is a happy-hacker with Horse & Rider magazine. With articles from top experts on the best ways to train your horse and up-to-date features on veterinary, riding and horse-care, make sure you’re in the loop with all the latest from the equestrian world with Horse & Rider magazine.

Enjoy informative articles covering a range of exciting topics in every issue, from top-tips for working with a new horse to clipping guides and improving your riding posture. Learn from expert equine behaviourists to better understand your horse and learn how to keep them healthy and happy. Horse & Rider is the perfect magazine to help you gain confidence when riding and develop good habits for both yourself and your horse.


5. Equestrian Life

Equestrian Life Magazine

Equestrian Life is the leading magazine for horse-lovers in the Midlands and the North. Each issue comes packed full of interesting news from the equestrian world, plus reviews of the latest gear and exciting competitions to keep you up-to-date with all things equestrian.

With informative content catering for amateur and home-produced riders, you can expect tips and advice, competitions, giveaways and much more inside every issue. Curl up with interesting reader stories each month and get the latest event reports and enjoy stunning photography of all types of horses.


With titles covering all aspects of the equestrian world, from fixture updates and betting odds in Racing Ahead magazine, to nutritional information and behavioural studies in Horse & Rider magazine; there’s an equestrian magazine that’s perfect for every type of horse-lover.

Get to know your horse better and keep up-to-date with the latest fixtures and competitions, plus enjoy unparalleled advice from horse experts every month. See our full selection of equestrian magazines at today.