The Top 3 Rugby Magazines

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The Top 3 Rugby MagazinesThe Top 3 Rugby Magazines

Whether you sweat for the team, run for the try line or just live for the sport, here at, we have the top 3 rugby magazines to help fuel your passion for the ultra thrilling sport of rugby. Stay up-to-date on all the latest news, upcoming talent, new kits, results and fixtures as well as loads of exciting rugby talks when you subscribe to an action-packed rugby magazine today. 

Go beyond the pitch with a monthly rugby read and learn all about the important attributes of teamwork, as well as be inspired by the most iconic players in the game and much more. If you believe that rugby is more than just a game and wish to stay updated all year round then why not indulge in the sport you truly love with a rugby magazine subscription from today?

1. Rugby World  

The Top 3 Rugby Magazines - Rugby World

Improve your game by joining the buzz about new rules and regulations with Rugby World magazine. Gain exclusive insight into the detailed analysis of many tactics and skills, while also viewing images of gravity-defying tries and perfectly engineered dropkicks. With a subscription, you’ll never miss out on major highlights from the internationals every season to the world cups! The Rugby World magazine also includes exclusive interviews as well as announcements on up and coming talents globally. From learning new skills on the pitch to discovering more about your favourite players, you’ll find everything you need and want to know about in the world’s best-selling rugby magazine, Rugby World.

2. The Rugby Paper

The Top 3 Rugby Magazines - The Rugby Paper

If you've perfected your line-outs or your jaw dropping side steps and want to join the conversations going on and off the pitch then a subscription to The Rugby Paper - The English Regional Edition is perfect for you. Support your favourite sides by being one of the first to know about new kits and players, as well as injuries and comebacks too. The Rugby Paper is perfect for a real rugby enthusiast, covering all aspects of the sport including sevens, fifteens, women’s and youth rugby for both club and international rugby teams. If you live and breathe rugby and love to stay up-to-date with all the latest rugby news then this is the magazine for you. You can also enjoy weekly features and reports with The Rugby Paper - The Welsh Regional Edition

3. BeRugby  

The Top 3 Rugby Magazines - BeRugby

BeRugby is a magazine full of opportunity - not only does it allow you to pass on traditions of the gentleman's sport to possible future big names but also, it gives youth players the opportunity to meet and interview some of their biggest idols. BeRugby magazine is packed with knowledge of the sport, teaching youth players about leadership skills and determination and allows them to put their learnings to the test by giving readers updates on many rugby camps across the UK. This is a must-have magazine for all the rugby players of the future!

Looking to step up your game? Get the inspiration and motivation you need to truly excel at the sport you love with our wide range of sports magazines subscriptions.