The Best Music Magazines

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The Best Music Magazines

The Best Music Magazines

Music brings people together. It can boost our moods, help us to build an identity, and gives us all the opportunity to soundtrack our greatest memories. The magic of music has been around as long as we have, and the medium guides us all through life's ups and downs.

Here at - we have a wide range of music magazines to cater to every type of music lover. Whether you are a folk fanatic, an acoustic aficionado, or a classical connoisseur - there is a magazine to suit your style. A music magazine subscription is the best way to stay tuned in and kept up to date with the wonderful world of music.

The music scene is always growing, and ever-evolving. Whatever genre you are into, and however you want to grow your musical repertoire - we have you covered. Whether you want to expand your knowledge of a genre you love, are keen to discover fresh and exciting new artists, or want to learn or improve your understanding of an instrument - our varied collection of music magazines can keep you on track, and ensure that you never miss a beat.

Read on to find out more about our best music magazines, and choose one that hits the right note for you…

BBC Music Magazine

1. BBC Music

For classical music enthusiasts - BBC Music magazine offers a comprehensive guide to the composers and conductors that are synonymous with prestigious classical music. A perfect read for composers and musicians alike - the publication keeps you up to date with the latest classical news and offers eye-opening insights into the lives and careers of the biggest names within the industry. With expert reviews of the latest albums, tour dates & information, and exclusive write-ups for live classical music events - BBC Music is the must-have music magazine for cultured classic connoisseurs.

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Future Music magazine

2. Future Music

The perfect publication for music producers - Future Music is the complete comprehensive guide to music production. Each issue includes unparalleled advice on the latest and greatest hardware and software technologies, in-depth interviews, and sensational free samples that enhance the education of production proteges and professional producers alike. Let your creative juices flow, and learn from a tried and tested resource that is determined to make you produce your full potential. Fulfil your production pursuits, with a Future Music magazine subscription.

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Classic Pop Magazine

3. Classic Pop

If your passion for pop resides in the '70s, ’80s, or '90s - Classic Pop has got you covered. Focused on the iconic popular music that shaped pop’s prestigious past, the publication delivers insight and education into some of the greatest eras of music. Whether you're a sucker for synth-pop or revelled in the new-romantic craze, Classic Pop will help you fondly remember a fantastic time in music. The bi-monthly publication will encourage you to learn more about the artists and songs that helped shape your favourite era and features pop royalty like George Michael, Prince, Madonna and many more in every issue. Take a nostalgic deep dive into the biggest acts and albums of pop yesteryear, by subscribing to Classic Pop.

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Guitar Techniques magazine

4. Guitar Techniques

Proud to be the world’s only all-technique, tuition-based guitar magazine - Guitar Techniques is perfect for beginners and those looking to improve their guitar-playing abilities. Every issue includes practical lessons from the world’s greatest teachers and provides a solid platform for guitar players of all ages, skill sets and styles.  Covering a broad range of musical genres, including jazz, blues, rock, metal, country and pop - this music magazine has something for everyone. Packed with song transcriptions and a free CD in every issue, Guitar Techniques will educate and enthuse guitar players that want to begin their playing journey, or nurture their talent further.

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Pianist magazine

5. Pianist

For passionate piano players, Pianist provides the perfect blend of education and inspiration. Every issue is full of professional advice, masterclasses from the best in the business, and scores that will improve your abilities as a pianist. Whether you are a beginner or a professional - a Pianist music magazine subscription is sure to help you nurture your talents and broaden your horizons.

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Whether you are looking to learn, or are passionate about pursuing new artists - pick a music magazine subscription that suits you. Take a look through our favourites, or march to the beat of your own drum by choosing one of our many other music titles!


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