Get Fit in 2023 With These Exercise Magazines

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Get Fit In 2023 With These Exercise Magazines

Get Fit in 2023 With These Magazines

If you are looking to improve your health in 2023, we have a wide range of fitness magazines that can help keep you on track. Whether you are a fitness fanatic or are embarking on a new and exciting exercise regime, there is something to cater to all fitness and experience levels.

For those looking for adventure, has plenty of fitness mags that will get you outside, and keep your adrenaline pumping. Reap the benefits of nature, and enjoy the freedom of outdoor exercise with magazines like Outdoor Swimmer, Runner’s World, and The Great Outdoors. If you seek more mindful, calming exercises from your workout magazines, titles such as OM Yoga & Lifestyle and Natural Health can provide you with tips and advice that can help find the perfect balance between your physical and mental health.

Whatever your goals, and however you want to achieve them - we have the perfect fitness magazine for you. Read on to find your ideal exercise partner...

Runner's World Magazine

Running Magazines

Focused on running in 2023? Whether you are an experienced runner trying to improve your personal best ahead of your next marathon, or a novice navigating your way through a couch to 5k journey - you can find education and inspiration with a running magazine subscription. Whatever your experience level, Runner’s World can bring joy to your jogging, and improve your running repertoire with useful tips and advice to help you achieve your goals. If you prefer to run off-road, Trail Running can guide you in finding some perfect picturesque paths to turn every run into an adventure.

Golf Monthly Magazine

Golf Magazines

Trying to hit the perfect balance between fun and exercise? A golf magazine subscription can help improve your game, as well as benefit your health. Today’s Golfer keeps you up to date in the world of golf and offers expert advice to help you be triumphant come tee-off. If you are trying to broaden your golf horizons, National Club Golfer provides you with a comprehensive guide to the best courses that the world of golf has to offer. If your loved one has dreams of becoming a golf guru, Golf Monthly can help them perfect their swing, and guide them to golfing success.

Men's Health Magazine

Men's & Women's Fitness Magazines

Our wide variety of men's and women's fitness magazines can help you fulfil your 2023 fitness goals. Focused on specific advice to help men of all fitness levels - Men’s Fitness is the definitive voice in guiding men to a healthier, happier existence. Men’s Health takes a wider look at the male experience, and pairs fitness know-how with expertly written advice to improve all aspects of life. For women making a conscious effort to be healthier this year, Women’s Health helps those looking to improve their physical and mental health by providing a fitness magazine that celebrates self-improvement. Those looking to educate themselves with trusted exercise advice can find guidance in Women’s Fitness - a workout magazine dedicated to helping you make the lifestyle changes required to achieve your fitness goals in 2023.

OM Yoga & Lifestyle magazine

Mindfulness & Yoga Magazines

If you want to improve your mental well-being alongside increasing your fitness levels - a mindfulness or yoga magazine subscription can help keep you in the present, whilst enhancing your fitness future. Focused on the benefits of mindfulness, Breathe is a reflective, mood-boosting publication that promotes taking time to look after your mind and some well-overdue ‘me time’. Whilst OM Yoga & Lifestyle is a fitness magazine that centres on the physical and mental disciplines of yoga to help you improve your yoga abilities - whatever your experience level. For younger minds trying to fulfil their new year's health goals, Teen Breathe is a mindfulness magazine that promotes well-being as a priority for teens.

Mountain Biking UK magazine

Sports Magazines

For those who find their fitness fascination residing in more unique exercising endeavours, our range of sports magazines are sure to enhance your or their hobby. Mountain Biking UK highlights the benefits of off-road biking, with advice and information on the UK’s hottest mountain biking spots to tackle. And magazines such as 220 Triathlon provide education and inspiration for those looking to blend exercise disciplines, with a workout magazine that is passionate about improving your performance on the ground, in the water and on two wheels.

A new year brings new goals, and if one of yours is to get fit or improve at your chosen sport - a health and fitness magazine subscription can turn your fitness dreams into a reality. Inspire yourself, or provide a loved one with the perfect present to help them reach their 2023 fitness resolution.