The Best Vegan & Vegetarian Magazines

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The Best Vegan & Vegetarian Magazines

The Best Vegan & Vegetarian Magazines

The vegan and vegetarian movements are gaining momentum. But whether you’re keen to cut down on meat for ethical, health or environmental reasons - there are beautiful pictures, easy recipes and tips and tricks to whet every appetite and diet in our range of magazines for every level of dietary commitment.

Whatever your angle - from cruelty-free, plant-based haute cuisine to comforting veggie treats to see you through the week, here at there’s a variety of vegan life magazines packed with creative, inspiring and mouth-watering meals written by the top chefs and leading dietary experts in their field.

Want to enjoy mac and cheese without the moo or looking to fake the bacon when hosting brunch? You’ll find all the information and inspiration you’ll need in these leading titles.

If you want to satisfy your hunger for all things vegan and vegetarian, here’s our guide to the best vegan and vegetarian magazines to sink your teeth into.

Vegan Food & Living magazine

1. Vegan Food & Living

Want to try the vegan lifestyle on for size or simply find some vegan cooking inspiration for you and your family and friends - a Vegan Food & Living magazine subscription is a delicious way to fill your tummy with creative recipes to cook up at home for you and your loved ones. Every issue is filled with over 75+ recipes, articles and features on how to go vegan - from accidentally vegan products to expert nutrition guides. Vegan Food & Living is the perfect magazine to take your cruelty-free culinary skills to the next level.

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PlantBased magazine

2. PlantBased

Grab your knife and fork! A true revolution in food and eco-friendly nutrition, a PlantBased magazine subscription will educate and inspire you to try a meat and dairy-free way of life or take a flexible approach if you want to take a balanced approach to veganism. PlantBased magazine is all about finding the facts you need when you make a change to your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for meals in minutes and healthy swaps to sugary snacks, or you want filling feasts to entertain and fill the bellies of family and friends - this  is the perfect read to make your tummy rumble with anticipation!

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Vegan Life magazine

3. Vegan Life

Are you vegan, a flexitarian or are simply curious about the vegan lifestyle? A Vegan Life magazine subscription is a monthly feast for the eyes that’s all about what you need to understand the movement and how to make it work for you. With articles and features on living compassionately and sustainably with a vegan diet and lifestyle, as well as must-read interviews with celebrity vegans and vegan lifestyle hacks you need to know about, subscribing to Vegan Life magazine is a great way to get started. It’s time to bring something new and cruelty-free to the table!

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Is your mouth watering? Whether you’re looking to go veggie part time, embrace Meat-Free Monday or are looking to cut animal products out of your diet completely, you can get all the delicious foodspo you need with a vegetarian and vegan magazine subscription. It’s the smart, budget-friendly and yummy way to ensure you never miss out on the latest food news and trends with every issue of your chosen title delivered directly to your door!


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