The Top 7 Fashion Magazines

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The Top 7 Fashion Magazines

We are always trying to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends here at, whether that’s festival fashion or seasonal evening wear, the best way to stay ahead of the curve is with a fashion magazine subscription.

If you’re on the hunt for the latest trends or maybe you’re revamping your whole wardrobe for summer, you’ll find the best magazine for you in our top 7 fashion magazine guide.

1. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan Magazine

The perfect confidence boost, Cosmopolitan encourages readers to feel like they can conquer anything! Jam-packed with the latest fashion trends, relationship advice, beauty tips, career guidance and health tricks, Cosmopolitan magazine will be your go-to for any questions you might have.

Whether you’re curious about what prints are ‘in’, what’s stylish to wear to work or how to steal a celebrity’s style for less, you’ll never miss out on the latest looks and trends with a subscription to Cosmopolitan magazine.  

2. Grazia

Grazia Magazine

A weekly glossy magazine packed full of the latest fashion trends, beauty, celebrity news, health advice and interviews with inspiring women around the world. Grazia is the best magazine for a fast fashion fix, whether you’re looking to steal a star’s style or discover the latest high street trends hitting the shelves, they’ve got you covered.

Have you seen a fashion trend you’ve always wanted to try? Grazia features how you can style up these trends for different looks, whether that’s bold, minimal, denim or utility. Take a peek into the hottest styles heading straight from the catwalk to the high street in the coming months with a subscription to Grazia magazine.  

3. Vogue

Vogue Magazine

One of the most influential and fundamental publications in the fashion industry, Vogue is a magazine that every fashionista has on their coffee table. Brimming with luxury, Vogue encompasses exclusive designs and glamorous models, typically predicting trends before anyone else.

Don’t miss out on the exclusive interviews with stylish A-listers, with previous issues of Vogue featuring fashion icons like Victoria Beckham, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexa Chung and Emma Watson. If you’re looking for timeless style or high fashion trends, you need to treat yourself to a Vogue magazine subscription.


4. Prima

Prima magazine

For today’s busy, creative, fun-loving women who enjoy taking time for themselves to read a glossy magazine packed full of tips, tricks and clever ideas, Prima magazine is an affordable lifestyle magazine filled with fashion, beauty, family advice, craft, recipes and much more.

Prima helps you live your most stylish life, with fashion trends to work for every body size, shape and style. Whether you’re looking to revamp your entire wardrobe or just bring some life back into it with the latest high street trends, you’ll discover the inspiration you need with a subscription to Prima magazine.



ELLE Magazine

The world’s largest fashion magazine, ELLE makes runway fashion accessible. Suiting all budgets, ELLE brings you what’s hot, and what’s not, so whether you’re looking for a runway dupe or hot picks right off the catwalk, ELLE magazine has you sorted.

If you’re looking to add on-trend accessories to your evening dress, copy the hottest celebrity looks or keep on top of the latest beauty trends, you’ll simply love ELLE magazine. Put your own twist on fashion with a subscription to ELLE magazine.


6. Harpers Bazaar

Harper's Bazaar Magazine

A fashion-first magazine, Harper's Bazaar features contemporary fashion for the professional, elegant socialite. Whether you’re looking for what to wear right now or the hottest designer items on the horizon, Harper's Bazaar is packed with a variety of styles to suit every woman and glamorous occasion.

Curious about some of the luxurious new brands that are emerging around the world? Explore Harper's Bazaar's features that showcase the finest of styles. Maybe you’re just looking to find seasonal trends to whimsical catwalk styles, if so, you can always stay up-to-date and ahead of the curve with a subscription to Harper's Bazaar magazine.

7. Red

Red magazine

If you’re looking for a magazine which brings you the very best in life and style then you’ll enjoy reading Red magazine. Helping you live your most fashionable life, you’ll find style tips for all body shapes and sizes, plus guides on what’s hot to wear in each and every season.

Featuring current affairs, travel advice, beauty recommendations, career tips, interior design inspiration and so much more, Red focuses on finding your balance, sparking positivity and ensuring it’s a feel-good magazine. Packed full of articles geared to help you become the best version of yourself, Red magazine is great for me-time.

Would you love to have your very own personal stylist delivered to your door every month?

Whether you’re looking to recreate catwalk fashion or jump on the latest high street trends, you’ll find inspiration in one of our top 7 fashion magazines or check out our entire selection of fashion magazine subscriptions.

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