Top 16 magazine subscriptions for Christmas

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Santa’s sleigh bells are jingling in the distance and Christmas is almost here. But if you haven’t finished (or even started) your festive shopping, never fear. Whether you’re struggling to buy for a Grandpa with enough memorabilia to sink a battleship, are looking for that extra little surprise under the tree for your wife (bonus points guaranteed) or a stocking filler for your sibling, let take care of it for you. We've got a gift for everyone and all available from the comfort of your sofa.

National Geographic

National-Geographic-MagazineA magazine for many. Packed full of jaw-dropping photography, the wonders of nature and fascinating facts and figures about humanity and beyond, National Geographic will take you on a journey around the world as it depicts the most iconic events. Read by a massive 60 million people worldwide, this is a gift guaranteed to make your mum, dad, brother, uncle and cousin twice removed all smile.

Great For: Your dad, grandad or David Bailey wannabes. It’ll keep them entertained for hours – just watch out for the deep conversations they are bound to involve you with after each issue!

Good Housekeeping

good-housekeepingDo you have a glamorous granny? A mother who obsesses over the art of cushion fluffing? Good Housekeeping is the perfect women’s lifestyle magazine for the home owner, baker and maker.  Style, beauty, homes and interiors plus heaps of recipes that you might just get to try.

Great For: Your mum, granny, great aunt and ol’ Rita down the road. Expect freshly baked cakes on your doorstep and home decorating tips aplenty.

Men’s Health

Mens-Health-MagazineFor your macho man. If he spends more time at the gym checking out his biceps than with you, perhaps a Men’s Health subscription is just what he/you need. Fitness tips to build that Adonis body, dietary advice and healthy eating plans, straight from the comfort of his man chair. Plus Men’s Health is filled with great relationship advice for in and out the bedroom. Well, hello!

Great For: Your husband, boyfriend or fitness fanatic lover. Prepare yourself as your man turns from zero to hero in the buff charts.


PrimacoverPrima is the ideal magazine subscription for Christmas for mum. Mums are the head of the household, the ones who hold it all together with endless supplies of Yorkshire Tea and chocolate Hobnobs; the ones who obsess over upcycling and restoring, the ones who find the most practical DIY storage solutions. With 1001+ tips in each issue for the home, cooking, relationships, life and health, it won’t just be a change in the kitchen cupboards you notice.

Great For: Mum or other 'mumsy types' who love perusing second-hand shops for shabby furniture to make chic.


OK_Mag.jpg?fm=png&auto=format&fit=fill&fill=solid&bg=0FFFIs Katie Price pregnant again? And has the latest boy band finally split up? Reporting all things A-Z in the world of celebrity, OK! magazine is the bible of Tinseltown. With pages of celebrity news, fashion, beauty and interviews, anOK! magazine subscription is perfect for any female – especially if she rarely gets enough time at the hairdressers to read a full issue!

Great For: Your gossip guru girlfriend who can update you on Kelly Brook’s love life before anyone else.


portada-revista-hello-1160-520Do you know someone who is royal-obsessed and eagerly follows every stage of Kate’s bump growth? HELLO! magazine provides international coverage of the biggest events within the royal families of England through to Timbuktu. With a special selection of high profile weddings, funerals and birthday bashes, by reading HELLO! they’ll feel like a member of the ‘IT’ crowd.

Great For: Wills, Kate and Harry fans, Chelsea go-ers and sophisticated A-list stalkers. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with guest list entry to Mahiki.

Top Gear

Top-Gear-MagazineDo your Saturday mornings consist of yet another ‘test drive’? Are your Sunday afternoons taken over by the Grand Prix? For your petrol-head friends and family, a Top Gear magazine subscription will put you in poll position. With pages full of supercars, vintage cars and main man Jeremy Clarkson, let’s just hope he doesn’t decide he wants that Lamborghini on page 8.

Great For: Car enthusiastic dads and granddads, as well as your Uncle Bob who spends more time under a bonnet than the F1 team.


Stuff-MagazineIs your little brother first in the queue outside the Apple shop on iPhone launch day? Is your dad always playing with a motherboard or some other geeky component? A Stuff magazine gift subscription is a great stocking filler to surprise him with, including pages of honest reviews of the latest gadgets and gizmos from TVs to games consoles.

Great For: Your clever clogs brother or dad. Or your silver surfing grandad or great-grandad!


jamie_magazine_holiday_coverEver wanted your very own celebrity chef to cook you breakfast, lunch and dinner? Well, why not buy someone you know a gift subscription to Jamiemagazine? Full of recipes as seen on TV and in Jamie Oliver’s famous cookbooks including midweek suppers and fancy roasts. Fortunately for you you’ll have an excuse not to start that New Year diet for a while!

Great For: Budding chefs and wannabe super-star cooks!


red_fb10Do you know someone who has an entourage as big as J.Lo and manages the school run without a hair or nail out of place? Does she also hold a high-flying career and ooze confidence? If so, she sounds like the perfect recipient for aRed magazine gift subscription. For the trendy, mature female with a passion for life and work, Red is packed full of inspirational women with bags of experience.

Great For: The leading lady in your life.


3dc11db1162f4824100e548f2d68b53eFor the fashionistas in your life, strike a pose: Vogue!  A Vogue magazine subscription for Christmas makes a great gift for any shopaholic with an obsession with handbags and shoes. Guaranteed to add fuel to their shopping fire, Vogue is packed with catwalk reports from across the globe for the ultimate international chic.

Great For: Your girlfriend or wife who can’t fit another hanger in her wardrobe if she tried, or your Kate Moss obsessed sister who longs for a career like Her Royal Fashion Highness Anna Wintour.

Country Living

Country-Living-MagazineSome of us live in the big smoke whilst others live in fields of green. And for your friends and family enjoying life in the country next to log fires, wrapped up in tartan blankets whilst drinking tea from Royal Albert, Country Livingis the magazine subscription you should be buying this year. Full of country kitchens, shabby chic ideas and landscape tips, Country Living will help you get the most from nature and your home.

Great For: Your relatives in the wilderness or your mum/wife who longs for a life in the country.

Grand Designs

GrandDesignsFrontOct2012If your weekend lie-ins are rudely interrupted by a loud series of drilling, banging and cussing, then Grand Designs might be for you. If your man is on a mission to build the perfect palace, Grand Designs will help him renovate and build whilst creating less noise and damage. After all, you really can’t afford to call the emergency plumber again. A Grand Designs magazine subscription will turn your house into a home in no time.

Great For: Any budding builder or renovation king who knows the difference between plaster and cement. At least we hope he does for your sake!

How It Works

How-It-Works-MagazineDo you have a child or teen who wants to fly to the moon? Or asks endless questions beginning with ‘why’? A How It Works gift subscription could be the answer. Bursting with facts about the universe and beyond, topics include science, transport and the environment. Guaranteed to keep them quiet for hours on end, How It Works is both fun and educational for all ages.

Great For: Budding astronauts and scientists. Beware, you may find yourself related to the next Einstein!

Gardener’s World

GW_Nov_coverWhether it’s your green-keeping grandpa or your organic-growing aunt in mind, Gardener’s World brings together the likes of Monty Don and Alan Titchmarsh to share the best gardening, growing and grooming tips. From spring bulbs to autumn harvests, a Gardener’s World magazine subscription will keep those green fingers glowing all year round.

Great For: Gardening enthusiastic relatives, pretty potting shed owners and allotment obsessives.

Good Food

Good-Food-MagazineDo you know someone who can make a meal out of nothing? Or is there a master chef in the making in your family? Good Food magazine provides recipes for all levels of cook, from part time baker to Sunday roast maker. Packed with mouth-watering winter warmers and recipes that ooze delight, the whole family will benefit from a Good Food magazine subscription.

Great For: The chef of the household, old and young alike. Or your student teenager who needs a little inspiration; beans on toast every day is not a balanced diet.


Don't forget with every gift subscription you will get a free box of Thortons chocolates until the 16th November 2014.