Top Fashion Trends for 2018

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top fashion trends 2018From the glamourous catwalks of New York, London, Paris and Milan the top fashion trends for 2018 were revealed, sported and observed by industry experts. Although 2018 is merely just getting started, in the fast paced world of fashion the spring/summer season has officially commenced and the new and emerging trends are ready to be adapted by the masses. 

Whether a shopaholic, fashion enthusiast or simply looking to refresh your style for the upcoming season, feast your eyes on the hottest trends for spring/summer. 

Top Fashion Trends for 2018 

Loving Lavender

Pink has officially grown up and matured and as a result, a more feminine and royal hue has been discovered; ladies and gentlemen look out for lavender as one of the top fashion trends for 2018! Lavender will no doubt be stealing the spotlight as the new and improved shade of the year. As a member of the mint family, lavender is the beautiful and dominant tone that will wish to paint you from head to toe in its various tints this season. The warmer seasons will be fast approaching, make sure you find your favorite way to wear lavender with a Vogue magazine subscription.

Darker Denim

The light blue “mom” jean was fun while it lasted but alas, a new year has arrived and it’s the perfect time to update your denim style. Dark denim has clearly earned its title as a top trend for 2018 as it repeatedly strutted down the runway shows of major designers like Tom Ford, Chloé, Tibi and more. Whether you choose to rock a darker denim jacket, an all denim dress or a pair of dark indigo skinny jeans, there is simply no limit to this staple trend. To gather further inspiration and styling advice for your wardrobe staples like dark denim, a  Porter magazine subscription is the trusty glossy that will keep you up to date.   

denim - Top Fashion Trends for 2018

Buckle Up

Forget the traditional way of lace ups and zippers, a bulky shoe buckle will be the new way to  shake up your shoe game for 2018. Don’t be afraid to take your style to the next level by adding this retro trend to your shoe collection. In the wise words of Iris Apfel, “If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything.” To discover the different buckle styles and an A-Z list of shoes to look out for this season grab a Cosmopolitan magazine subscription.  

Shimmer and Shine

The unspoken rule of wearing sequins and sparkles during the holiday party season only is being seriously disturbed this year. Designers were setting the record straight at SS 2018 runway shows, proving with their designs that glitz and glam is very much appropriate all year round. Therefore, don’t bother stuffing away those fabulous sequins pieces just yet and instead follow along your favorite celebrities and fashion icons with an ELLE magazine subscription to see how you can transition those sparkly pieces.  

shimmer and shine - Top Fashion Trends for 2018

Plastic, It’s Fantastic

From water bottles to fashionable armour, plastic has a completely new purpose for 2018. Jackets, shoes and even handbags, will be taking on a more transparent appearance than ever before. Whether you find this trend fantastic or not, it might be worth investing in a plastic garment that is guaranteed to have a longer lifespan than a short lived plastic water bottle. It’ll be easy to find the hotspots of where to shop for your favorite plastic pieces this year with contemporary fashion Marie Claire magazine subscription.    

plastic - Top Fashion Trends for 2018

All that you need to know about styling the top fashion trends for 2018 or gathering daily outfit inspiration for the upcoming seasons can be easily found with a Fashion & Beauty magazine subscription.