History Magazines

Learning about local and global history is absolutely fascinating. If you have an interest in history, it's worth subscribing to one of our selection of history magazines, so that your thirst for knowledge is suitably quenched, for a fraction of the price. Choose from a variety of titles, including BBC History, History of War, and History Revealed.

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Here at magazine.co.uk we have a wide range of fascinating and popular history magazines to subscribe to. Learn more about historical events, important people and intriguing cultural changes and save money with one of our great value for money magazine subscriptions.

All About History: Featuring a range of topics, this new magazine is bursting with fascinating information, facts and insight into how the past shapes the present and much more.

BBC History: Britain's top selling history magazine brings the past to life with well-written and researched articles from leading academic historians.

History of War: If you're fascinated by the wars, battles and conflicts which have shaped the world to be how it is today, then History of War magazine is ideal for you. Offering stunning photography, well-researched articles and interesting, in-depth analysis, this will be the ideal read for history of war enthusiasts.

History Revealed: Each issue of History Revealed magazine has a central feature on a key event in history. There's also features on famous figures in history, battles, and a feature where questions about the past (including some of the more strange elements) are answered.