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Give your brain a bit of exercise with one of our puzzle magazine subscriptions. Whether you're a sucker for sudoku, crazy for crosswords, or wired for word searches, there's something for you! Take advantage of one of magazine.co.uk's puzzle magazine subscriptions to save on the cover price today!

Looking for puzzle magazine subscriptions?

Look no further than magazine.co.uk! If you love to stretch your brain, then why not take advantage of one of our special offers on puzzle magazine subscriptions? They also make a great gift, so why not treat the puzzle lover in your life today?!

General puzzle magazines: Into all kinds of puzzles? A general puzzle magazine would keep you occupied! Top titles include Puzzler Collection, Puzzle Club, Take a Break Puzzle Selection, Puzzler, Take a Puzzle, and Yours Puzzles.

Wordsearch puzzle magazines: Wordsearches are lots of fun, and great to get stuck into! Top wordsearch puzzle magazines at magazine.co.uk include Mammoth Family Wordsearch, Family Wordsearch Jumbo, Family Wordsearch, and Lucky Seven Wordsearch.

Crossword puzzle magazines: Subscribe to one of magazine.co.uk's crossword puzzle magazines and you'll never need to find something else to do whilst enjoying your coffee and breakfast in the morning! Crossword puzzle titles include Lucky Seven Crossword Collection, Criss Cross

Codebreaker puzzle magazines: If you fancy yourself as a codebreaker, then why not try one of our codebreaker puzzle magazine subscriptions? Top codebreaker puzzle magazine titles include Q Code Words, Codebreakers Collection, Take a Break's Codebreakers, and Select Codewords.

Criss Cross puzzle magazines: Get stuck into a great selection of criss cross puzzles to last you a month, every month, with a subscription to a criss cross puzzle magazine with magazine.co.uk! Top titles include Criss Cross Selection, Family Criss Cross, Family Criss Cross Jumbo, and Q Kriss Kross.

Sudoku puzzle magazines: We've some great value subscriptions to a variety of sudoku magazines here at magazine.co.uk! Titles include Select Sudoku, Take a Break Sudoku, Sudoku Killer, Suguru, and Sudoku Selection.


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