10 Great Gaming Magazines

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10 Great Gaming Magazines

Tired of the same old battle royales? Bored of ending every game at the bottom of the leaderboard? Whether it’s finding the next big Soulslike, open-world RPG or a nostalgic remake of a childhood favourite, discover your next epic gaming adventure with a gaming magazine subscription from magazine.co.uk.

PC fanatic, retro lover or console enthusiast, there’s a magazine to entertain and delight every type of passionate gamer. Discover our curated list of 10 great gaming magazines and take your best-loved hobby to the next level today!

PlayStation Official

Unleash a world of gaming possibilities with PlayStation Official magazine. From the latest updates on the PS5 console to reviewing your all-time favourite exclusive games such as Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, Final Fantasy, Bloodborne and more, PlayStation Official is a must-read for enhancing your gaming experience. Enjoy a series of regular features including interviews with major developers who are changing video games for the better, explore how you can make the most out of your console or keep up with all the latest tech that makes PlayStation the world’s best-loved console and so much more. Immerse yourself in the world of PlayStation and all that it has to offer with a subscription to PlayStation Official magazine today.

110% Gaming

From Mario Cart to LEGO to Minecraft and more, 110% Gaming is the most popular gaming magazine for kids aged 8-12 years old. Mini gaming fans are sure to love keeping up with their favourite YouTube stars, the latest game releases, news from the gaming world, regular features from EthanGamer and DanTDM (The Diamond Minecart) and of course, loads of epic LOLs along the way. Subscribe today and let young imaginations run wild with 110% Gaming magazine

PC Gamer

Do the games World of Warcraft, Fortnite or League of Legends float your gaming boat? Looking to upgrade your motherboard or desktop? Immerse yourself in the world of PC gaming and discover your next great gaming adventure with PC Gamer magazine. From the latest PC developments to interviews with iconic designers, players, developers and more, PC Gamer gives you exclusive access to the ever-growing online community of PC gaming. Subscribe today at magazine.co.uk!

Official Xbox

If games like Halo, Gears of War, Sea of Thieves or Forza Motorsport spark your gaming interests then Official Xbox is the ideal magazine for you. Keep up with all the hottest new games coming to Xbox and explore a full range of the best games to play across a variety of exciting genres. Official Xbox is bursting with the latest console news and reviews, gaming guides, interviews with developers of your favourite games and so much more. Discover your next great gaming adventure with the Official Xbox magazine as your number one guide. 


Are you a gamer looking for unbiased and informative reviews on all aspects of video gaming? If so, then Edge magazine is the perfect read for you! Whether it’s exploring the latest gaming hardware and software from around the world or scouring for new job opportunities within the gaming industry, you’ll find it all within each monthly issue of Edge magazine. From those who enjoy playing games regularly every day to those who are interested in developing their own games, Edge is suitable for every type of gamer. Subscribe today!

Miniature Wargames Magazine

Historical, fantasy, Sci-Fi, pulp, steampunk or roleplaying, Miniature Wargames magazine explores all different forms of miniature wargaming. Whether you’re a seasoned wargamer or you’re interested in broadening your gaming interests, Miniature Wargames is packed with everything you need to get you building and playing straight away. Enjoy the latest ‘how-to’ guides for painting and scratch-building both figures and scenery or discover thought-provoking scenarios for popular rule sets and periods – the possibilities are simply endless with a subscription to Miniature Wargames.

Retro Gamer

Feeling nostalgic? Revisit your favourite childhood video games or rediscover old classic consoles with a subscription to Retro Gamer magazine. Bringing you the top vintage, classic and retro games that made history in every issue, Retro Gamer is a must-read for all passionate gamers and those who are long-time fans of original games like Sonic, Zela, Super Mario, Diablo and Tomb Raider. Celebrate the many classic games and consoles you have known and loved over the years and subscribe to Retro Gamer today.

Minecraft World

Create a virtual world of your very own and learn all the best building tips and tricks with a subscription to Minecraft World magazine. Whether you’re new to Minecraft or are a devoted player, Minecraft World magazine takes your passion for the game one step further with features that cover incredible projects and worlds created by other readers from around the globe, top tips and tutorials to inspire your next game, a challenge of the month and so much more. From exciting mazes to unique buildings, what will your world hold? Find out with a subscription to Minecraft World magazine today.

3D World

Are you curious to learn about video game design? Whether you’re a gamer looking to expand your knowledge or you’re new to 3D designing, 3D World magazine is packed with fascinating features, informative articles, guides and tutorials to help you get started. Take a sneak peek behind-the-scenes of this fast-paced industry with articles outlining the making of major projects, inspiring new artwork, 3D techniques, animation, VFX and much more. Designer, creator or learner, there’s something for everyone inside 3D World magazine.

Tabletop Gaming

Are you a fan of family games like King of Tokyo? Or perhaps you’re passionate about fantasy roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons? Discover a world of gaming possibilities and keep up with all the latest tabletop games with Tabletop Gaming magazine. Each monthly issue is packed with exclusive interviews with world-famous designers, in-depth features, reviews of the latest tabletop games, hobby tips, new scenarios and so much more. Get hooked on the tabletop experience and find your next gaming challenge today with a subscription to Tabletop Gaming.

Are you ready to get gaming? Say goodbye to your noob status and become the pro gamer you’ve always wanted to be with extra tips, hints and guides from a gaming magazine subscription today. There’s something for every gamer here at magazine.co.uk!