5 Exciting Spring Sports To Try

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5 Exciting Spring Sports To Try

5 Exciting Spring Sports To Try

Spring will soon be gracing us with its glorious presence and what better way to take advantage of the warmer weather than with some endorphin-boosting exercises? Get ready for the upcoming season with magazine.co.uk and discover the exercise inspiration you need to keep yourself active and motivated all year long. 

Whether you’re craving a high-intensity workout or you’re interested in low-impact exercises we have a collection of inspirational fitness and sports magazines to help you get started. Step outside of your comfort zone and explore our list of 5 exciting sports to try this spring!

Outdoor Swimmer magazine subscription


Ready to dive into a new workout routine? Make a splash this spring and perfect your backstroke with the endurance-building sport that is swimming. Here at magazine.co.uk, we have just the right source of inspiration with subscriptions to Outdoor Swimmer magazine and more to help you get started. Whether you’re an avid swimmer or looking to mix up your exercise routine, there are plenty of tips, guides, advice, swimming news and more to get you motivated to take the plunge this spring!

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Cyclist magazine subscription


Experience the thrill of the ride and take your workouts to new heights with cycling. Whether you’re looking to build muscle, increase your cardiovascular fitness, burn fat, relieve stress or even improve your sleep patterns, cycling is a brilliant sport that is packed with incredible health benefits. From epic cycling adventures outdoors to exercising on a bike within the comfort of your home, cycling offers you an exciting, high-energy, and versatile workout that is suitable for all levels. Are you ready to get the wheels spinning? Explore our inspiring range of cycling magazine subscriptions including CyclistCycling PlusCycling Weekly and more.

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220 Triathlon magazine subscription


Get your heart pumping and legs pacing, and build your stamina this spring with running. With monthly tips, inspiration, training advice and more from magazines such as Runner’s WorldTrail Running220 TriathlonWomen’s Running and more, you’ll have everything you need to get motivated to hit the ground running. Discover runner’s world events, runner’s world races and epic outdoor trails that will get you running the distance. Find your pace this spring and start running faster today!

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Today's Golfer magazine subscription


Take a swing this spring and beat your handicap with your next golf adventure! Whether you’re new to the sport or a natural on the course, golfing is an exciting low-impact sport that combines both your physical well-being and your mental well-being. If you’re looking to improve your technique or you’re interested in taking up a new sport and don’t know where to start, we have an insightful and extensive range of golf magazines including Golf MonthlyToday’s Golfer or National Club Golfer to help you kickstart your golfing game today.

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World Soccer magazine subscription


Take advantage of the great outdoors and fresh air with the beautiful game of football. Whether you’re looking to build up your strength and endurance or just wanting to get your body up and moving, football is an exciting sport that is both an awesome cardio workout, as well as loads of fun. Are you ready to hit the field? Get into the action and embrace all that football has to offer with magazines such as World SoccerMatch Of The DayFourFourTwo and more.

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Looking to try a new sport this spring? Discover your next best workout that fits your lifestyle with our exciting range of sports magazine subscriptions. Or get inspired and motivated by a variety of exercises and workouts with magazines such as Women’s Health or Men’s Health today at magazine.co.uk.