An Introduction to Woodworking & Woodturning

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An Introduction to Woodworking & Woodturning

An Introduction to Woodworking & Woodturning

Whether you turned your hand to baking banana bread, gardening or workouts in your living room, we’ve all had our fill of lockdown hobbies. But if you’re looking for something new to fill the time, your mind and your hands, woodwork, or woodturning could be the answer to getting your creative juices flowing.

If the initial seed of an idea of woodwork has only just been sown, woodworking is the craft of making things out of wood: be it cabinets, furniture or instruments using a tool to create cuts. Woodturning is a dynamic branch of woodwork that uses rotation to form a symmetrical shape from the wood like table legs, bowls or Christmas ornaments while the cutter remains relatively stationary.

Whether you’re planning to craft pieces for your own home or are looking to make a business out of your new pursuit, here at, we want to inspire you to let your passion grow as far as it can. Discover our titles which can help form your introduction to woodworking and woodturning, and the best magazine subscriptions to either get started or level up your woodworking skills!

Woodturning magazine


Read in more than 60 countries and the bestselling magazine for the craft in the world, Woodturning is aimed at both novice and professional artisans. Covering every area of the pastime in-depth and enlightening detail, with a subscription, new-to-the-craft woodturners can learn from easy-to-follow, step-by-step projects, while the serious woodworker and professionals can benefit from essential news from the field and cutting-edge advice and techniques. Its 100+ colour pages are crammed with features about the best turners in the business, and experts including Mark Sanger and Jim Rinde share their limitless knowledge and news on the best new equipment in the business. Every issue puts the world of woodturning at your fingertips.

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The Woodworker magazine

The Woodworker

If you’re looking to create something wonderful with wood, a subscription to The Woodworker is essential. Get comprehensive, expert advice in every area of woodworking – from sourcing materials and using different tools to learning new woodturning techniques. So whether you want to go big with a beautifully-crafted piece of furniture, or you’re looking to make smaller items like trinkets, bowls and toys - every issue is bound to get you dusting off your tools and getting busy on your next project. Aspiring woodworkers will benefit from helpful tips, handy guides and inspiration for their next woodworking project, while experienced crafters will love the reviews of all the latest machinery and tools, plus the variety of projects to recreate in every issue and featured creations by fellow readers. From toys to dressing tables - why not make something your family can treasure for years to come?

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Woodworking Crafts magazine

Woodworking Crafts

Want to learn how to work with different tools and materials? Whether it’s a carving knife or bamboo, a subscription to Woodworking Crafts has everything you need to get started or hone your skills. Expand your woodworking experience and start a new project with each and every issue of Woodworking Crafts, from building sheds to chairs, benches to tables, and bookshelves to boxes. Filled with a plethora of project ideas from upcycling and restoring to DIY and big builds, Woodworking Crafts magazine is jam-packed with top advice from real woodworkers sharing their technical tips and guidance to tackle any project. You’ll also discover how to make a wide range of joints from dovetail and lap to tenon, plus step-by-step techniques to guide you through the process. In addition, explore woodworking from around the world, with the latest news, reader projects and stories.

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Woodcarving magazine


Offering a unique blend of inspiration and instruction, with fascinating features about prized and historic examples of the woodcarving craft, Woodcarving is a truly international title that focuses on the art and techniques of carving as practised all over the world. With six fascinating issues per year and a new, picture-led design which offers insight into the process of creating both great and humble carvings, this one-of-a-kind title contains illustrated step-by-step projects and techniques to help readers improve their skills. It’s the UK’s only magazine dedicated to the art and techniques of woodcarving.

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Furniture and Cabinetmaking magazine

Furniture & Cabinetmaking

The only woodworking magazine with a sole focus on crafting fine, modern and classic furniture designs, Furniture & Cabinetmaking is the best way to find out about pieces from around the world. Reporting on the latest styles, you will constantly be inspired by every issue. Packed with masterclasses, tips, advice and reviews, it’s the perfect title for woodworkers of any skill level, constantly challenging you to produce your best work. So whether you are looking to restore an old piece of furniture or improve your chisel skills - there’s something for everyone in each issue of Furniture & Cabinetmaking.

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Whether you’re a professional, experienced hobbyist or just looking to get started with your new pastime, there’s something to inspire everyone in their chosen area of woodworking here at So browse our range of woodworking magazines or hobby & leisure magazines and give your leisure time a lift today!