The 5 Best Car Magazines

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The 5 best car magazines

The 5 Best Car Magazines

Cars are much more than vessels that get you from A to B. They are vehicles where personalities are born, where life-lasting memories are made, where motoring preferences are established, and where passions are ignited. Nothing beats the thrill of taking to the open road and leaving your everyday worries in your rearview mirror.

Here at, we understand the deep-rooted love of motoring and encourage you to explore our fantastic selection of car magazines designed to further your fascination with motoring. Whether you are in the market for your next car, are a classic car connoisseur wishing to learn more about vintage vehicles, or simply wish to keep up to date with the latest motoring news and developments - we have a title that can take your motoring passion up a gear.

In this blog post, we will be detailing our five best car magazines to help you find the ideal car magazine subscription for you or the motor-mad loved one in your life. Read on to discover the perfect car magazine subscription for you and your needs.

1. What Car?

What Car? magazine

Are you currently in the market for a new vehicle? Or maybe you want to discover the inside scoop on every new car before you make a final decision? Whether you're hoping to buy or looking to learn - What Car? is the perfect publication for you.

Released every month, this top car magazine features comprehensive road tests, buying guides, exclusive deals and invaluable advice that all combine to push you towards the perfect purchase for your personal needs. Whatever your budget, and whether you're buying new, second hand or simply browsing - a What Car? magazine subscription is certain to steer you towards making your next step the right one.

2. Auto Express

Auto Express magazine

Providing you with exciting exclusives every week - Auto Express features eye-opening insights into the latest car news. Dedicated to being relevant and up to date, Auto Express gives you behind-the-scenes access to unannounced car developments, astounding deals on both new and used cars, a comprehensive calendar of the latest and greatest motor shows and more each time a new issue arrives at your door.

Each issue traverses the globe to rate and road test all kinds of cars in a bid to give you a better understanding and appreciation of the vast motoring landscape. With incredible car competitions and car-vs-car comparisons included in each edition, an Auto Express magazine subscription ensures you never miss a beat from Britain's bestselling weekly car magazine.

3. Classic & Sports Car

Classic & Sports Car magazine

If you are a car lover who finds value in vintage vehicles, then a Classic & Sports Car magazine subscription is the right choice for you. Committed to giving you an extensive guide to the brands, models, and marques that make the classic car scene so fascinating - Classic & Sports Car takes a detailed look into some of the world's most lauded classic and sports cars and their respective histories. 

Each monthly issue includes news from across the classic world, historic racing reports, reader stories, and an unrivalled marketplace that can assist you in securing your next classic or sports car. Whether you are already a proud owner of a celebrated classic, are in the market to buy one, or are keen to learn more about the quality of classics and the spirit of sports, Classic & Sports Car is the must-have motoring magazine for you.

4. EVO

EVO magazine

Perhaps you are a petrolhead with a need for speed? If so - EVO is the best car magazine for you. Encouraging you to invest in a highly sought-after hatchback, a sleek and slender sports car, or a tenacious 200 mph supercar, this monthly magazine gives you all you need to make your next purchase an exciting one.

An EVO magazine subscription delivers in-depth profiles of the very best supercars on the market, details of their impressive specs, and a rundown of events and exhibitions where you can see these beasts of engineering in all of their glory.

5. BBC Top Gear

BBC Top Gear magazine

Last but by no means least, comes Britain's bestselling car publication: BBC Top Gear. Offering expansive coverage on all things modern motoring, this household title arms you with all of the latest and greatest news in the world of automobiles. Covering every type, class, make, and model of car imaginable - from hatchbacks to hot rides and Fords to Ferraris - BBC Top Gear leaves no stone unturned when it comes to rating and reviewing motors.

A BBC Top Gear magazine subscription supplies you with the latest launches, car manufacturer news and developments, reliable road tests, and interviews with car-loving celebrities every month.

Whatever you're looking for when consuming car content, one of our five top picks is sure to keep you up to speed. But if our selection has yet to steer you towards the right choice for your needs, then why not take a look at our full range of car magazine subscriptions to find your new favourite?